Close Calls

Toddler watching TV

Photo by corrie0227

A news story about a 4-year-old English girl killed by a television set really struck a cord with me today. We were all out shopping over the weekend, and I noticed many people taking advantage of the post-holiday sales on those HUGE flat-screen TVs that everyone wants.

Apparently, people often place these heavy pieces of equipment on flimsy or too small stands or pieces of furniture, unlike the nice and sturdy one above, and they can easily topple on curious toddlers. We don't have an issue with one of those TVs, but a couple of months ago, my daughter had a very close call with a falling dresser.


Like fools, my husband and I had never bolted her 5-drawer dresser to the wall. We had put my then 3-year-old in her room for a time out, and she was hopping mad. So, behind closed doors, she started pulling all the clothes out of her dresser one drawer at a time, till finally it was top-heavy and just keeled over.

I heard the crash, and my heart nearly imploded in my chest. When I got in her room, she was standing about a foot away from the fallen furniture, unharmed. I think I continued to shake from fear for the next hour. 

It's so important to make sure our homes, even the most innocuous items within it, are safe. And those furniture brackets are lifesavers, literally!

What close calls have your toddlers had? What steps did you take to prevent another accident?

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