Answers to Common Toddler Problems

smiling toddler boy

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In case you missed any of these posts, here's a roundup of answers to your most common toddler problems, featuring great advice from CafeMoms and other experts.

And I'll continue to work through the very long list of perplexing and frustrating issues we Toddler Moms face every day (this will likely take many, many years), so check back often and let me know if there's something you'd like answers to.


My toddler isn't talking yet! What can I do?

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How do I get my toddler to stop biting?

See: Does Biting Back Really Work?

How do I get rid of the pacifier?

See: Pacifier Addiction Cure

How can I get my tot to use the potty?

See: Answers to Common Potty Training Questions

When is it time for a big kid bed?

See: Switching From Crib to Bed

Help, my toddler picks his nose!

See: Punish a Nose Picker?

How do I stop violent temper tantrums?

See: Violent Temper Tantrums--How to Deal

Does my toddler have a cold or the flu?

See: Cold vs. Flu: A Guide to Symptoms

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