Toilet Seats Dangerous to Little Pee-Pees

two boys

Photo by Supermommy23

As a Toddler Mom, I worry about the busy road, electrical outlets, and the cleaning products under the sink. Never did I think our very own toilet seat was a danger to my little guy -- until I read the report about four British boys with crushed penises from slamming commode covers. Yow-ee!

“A recent market research report has suggested that there has been a worldwide increase in the number of wooden and ceramic toilet seats sold," an investigator of the British Journal of Urology study said in a news report. "We would not be surprised to hear of other increases in penis crush injuries as a result of this.”


According to the report, the four boys, ages 2-4, were treated for "urological emergencies." All had been recently toilet trained and were using the toilet on their own. They had lifted the toilet seats, which had then fallen back down, crushing their penises.

The doctor said it's important, especially over Christmas when your family will be visiting relatives and friends, to accompany our little men to the restroom to scope out the situation -- or at least make sure they pee sitting down. What could be worse than a trip to the ER at Christmas!?


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