Padded Bras for 4-Year-Olds?


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Not those innocent little sports bras that are basically strips of fabric across the chest, mind you, but padded cups with under wire support!

The question that occurred to me, as I read the discussion on padded bras for preschoolers in the CafeMom Newcomer's Club, was, Do they even make them for 4 year olds? Yes, they do, and here's a picture of a padded toddler bra, courtesy of one of our moms.

My daughter just turned 4, so this is a new one on me. Her only undergarment issue right now is that she refuses to wear any undies that don't have Dora or princesses on them.

The bra question came up when pinkshotgungal revealed that a relative was buying a bra as a Christmas present for her cousin's 4 year old, who'd been asking for the garment for some time. pinkshotgungal's own daughter is just a week old (congrats, BTW!) so this was new territory for her, too. "I understand she might want to feel like a big girl," pinkshotgungal says, "but I think that's just too much. Please tell me I'm not the only one thinking this!"

Most moms in a poll agreed, but about 15% felt there was nothing wrong with a toddler wearing a bra, leaving comments like:

  • She may just want to be like Mommy and wear something over her chest.
  • If it's like the undershirt type ones, whatever. But if it's a bra bra, I would not let her out of the house with it. I probably would buy my daughter a dress-up bra if she asked.
  • I do not see anything wrong with it. Little girls like to play dress-up and/or be like Mommy. It is not going to hurt them, and gives them a sense of growing up.

I'm going to reserve judgement until I actually cross this bridge -- which hopefully won't be for a long time! But what about you, Toddler Moms of girly-girls? Should toddlers wear padded bras -- or even 5 or 6 year olds, for that matter?

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tigge... tiggerrrt

I no longer have a dd is turning 11 on Friday...but she went through a stage about 3 years ago where she HAD to have those padded bras...she loved them...the prettier the better... no one else saw them but she LOVED them and had more bras than I did for a while...she said they were pretty.  She has since outgrown the desire for them and now is crazy about changing her hair color to bright colored streaks.  It too will pass and who knows what craziness she will want but to me it was just clothing she loved...

MamaD... MamaDiane

My dh would pass out if we did this!  The other day our 4 yr old walked around the house with oranges in her shirt to have boobies!  LOL  I thought he was gonna have a cow! hehhhhheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

gemin... geminishadow79

nuh-uh, no way, never!  and in that order!

there is just no need for it, in my opinion, if someone wants to let their little baby have one thats their business, but not my little girl

Jenni... Jennifer875

yet another example of  rushing things. What if a 4 year old wanted an automobile? or wanted beer? Little kids tend to "want" everything they see. So I would expect the parent to be a little more mature and realize that this would be a not so good idea.

Mommy... Mommy2AddieE

I cracked up at the oranges in the shirt comment!


I remember "dressing up" in my mom's bras when I was little.  I think the whole toddler bra thing is someone cashing in on the phase little girls go through, that's all.  That said, I can't imagine myself buying a toddler bra when my baby is that old.  Seems ridiculous.  Let her play in my things and play dress up.  It's not like I'd let her wear it out of the house even if she had the toddler bra.  May as well save some $ and let her play with mine! Haha.

mykid... mykidsmommy

Girls grow up too fast as it is.  There is no way my 4 year old will ever wear a padded bra. That's just beyond ridiculous.

Seven... Seventhsail

Why on earth would a four-year-old need a "sense of growing up"? The idea sounds like someone giving into the fantasies of child molesters. Eew.

simpl... simplyjaneen

Good grief! I'll have to buy her a bra young enough as it is! I got mine at 10! I see NO reason for her to wear one before then. There's something seriously wrong with being able to buy a padded bra for a FOUR year old.

ladyw... ladywhynott

Whatever happened to a parent saying NO. Kids do not get everything they want and letting them have something as ridiculous as a padded bra at 4. I have 3 daughters and I have never seen this. My daughters would occasionally put my bras on but never just had to have one. They are not worried about having breasts, but they do but babies under their shirts. I know that kids go through phases and it is just that. Girls are being forced to grow up way to fast in our culture and this is just another push in that direction. Like one post said what if your 4yo wanted beer or to drive the car. Kids need boundaries and discipline so they know how far they can take things in the real world. They look to parents to teach them right from wrong. It is time we start being parents and not friends to our children.

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