Mom Confessions: I'm on Vacation, But My Kid Is Going to Day Care


hushIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

"My husband and I have a few days off from work, but we still plan on taking our daughter to day care one of the days. We are paying for it and we never get a break. I personally think that any spare moment you can spend with your child is priceless, but sometimes its nice to have a day to yourself. She will play and paint and do crafts, and have a good time, so I figure no harm done." --anonymous


Should working moms put their kids in day care when they have the day off?

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Are you putting your child into day care over the holiday break? Should working moms do this? Why or why not?

We all have secrets -- so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!



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Arkaidy Arkaidy

Oh, and even for a SAHM a moment to yourself is important. You are the person that is there 24/7 so you need a breath. I think that for a kiddo who is with a loving trusted adult for a few hours while mom relaxes, it shouldn't be a problem.

kickn... kicknscreamn222

I don't see a problem with it.  My son goes to an after school group at our apartment complex everyday even though I'm at home now.  At first I put him in it, because I was planning on working, and even though the job didn't work out, he loves it so much, that I decided that he could still go. For the holiday break they decided to open it on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10am to 6pm, and since he asks to go everyday of the week, I'm letting him go those days too. 

granm... granmaw56

children like things to b the same everyday.  No need to disrupt their routine just because your lucky enough to have a few days off.  Besides if ur life is like mine was. U have a lot of things to do,

Sweet... SweetPoison

I do it. I go to college full time..and sometimes classes get cancled..but i bring my son to daycare..because A. It gets him outta the house and B. I get a sleep, read, homeowrk..anything..even just fricken relax..Everyone needs a break!!!

clovi... clovismommy25

I am a SAHM, but when I was in school, I had a day off, and took DS to day care so I could clean the house and go to the store with out chasing after him all day.  Then I went and got him. I do it even now, for appts and things, just an hr or so.

vicki... vickiathome

wow! nice how you rationalize that she can go to school because she can paint and have a fun time. what do you do when she is with you? does she get to paint and do crafts and "stuff" with you? i'm a preschool teacher. even kids who don't have any problem when their parent leaves will say "i miss my mommy" during the day. they get melancholy, too. what about this option... arrange with the school in advance, that for a couple of hours in the morning of your day off, you will volunteer in her classroom, helping and observing, reading with the kids, and seeing how she spends her day. make sure she knows that you're leaving at ten o'clock (or whenever) and that you hope you can help at school more often when you have a day off, if she makes good choices while you're there. (you pay for it, and you need a day to yourself??? please... when she's 18, you'll have more time to yourself than you ever wanted.)

myzero myzero

I have done this,it was for a few hours. It was me time I work 50 plus hours I needed some sleep so instead of letting the babies stay home they went to daycare as the older ones went to school. Picked the babies up at 130 and the older ones got in from school around 230.

I felt better and rested and we had the rest of the weekend for fun.It works well for the children.

smart... smartiemouth

me me  me me me's all about me.  I think it's a crappy thing to do to your kid. 

cass_... cass_pick

I chose the first option, but what I usually do if I have a day off, (and not a day off where Spenny is sick, because that's most of my days off lol) I will take him in late and catch up on what I need to do. The only time he's ever NOT wanted to go, was a snow day last week and i HAD to finish up some shopping so I took him to daycare rather than crash with him in the car. He was upset for about 10 seconds, then someone showed him his favorite toy was out and he didn't care anymore at all.

Stace... Stace2sMama

Puh-leeze! I do it all the time! LOL

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