Mom Confessions: I'm on Vacation, But My Kid Is Going to Day Care


hushIt's time for a Mom Confession -- because, let's face it, we're real mothers and sometimes it doesn't work the way the parenting books say it should.

This Week's Confession:

"My husband and I have a few days off from work, but we still plan on taking our daughter to day care one of the days. We are paying for it and we never get a break. I personally think that any spare moment you can spend with your child is priceless, but sometimes its nice to have a day to yourself. She will play and paint and do crafts, and have a good time, so I figure no harm done." --anonymous


Should working moms put their kids in day care when they have the day off?

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Are you putting your child into day care over the holiday break? Should working moms do this? Why or why not?

We all have secrets -- so thanks to this brave mom for sharing her honest thoughts, and thank you for keeping this conversation non-judgemental!



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dstei... dsteiner23

I have all of next week off and my plan is to keep my daughter home with me.  But, I'm paying for the whole week regardless of whether she's there or not and I figure I'll take her there at least one day.  Especially considering I'm a single mom so I everything that gets done around the house is up to me, I figure I'll need that one day to clean the house after the holiday festivities, and to unwind a little bit.

coutt... coutterhill

Most day cares have you pay for the whole week, even if you are only taking them 4 days, so I say go for it. We never get a break either, and it's nice that our son has somewhere to go.

mscam... mscamp0235

I think if they are in daycare all the time why take them when they dont need to be Im sure they would like a break from there just like you like your break from work

lala9... lala91172

i do daycare and i charge wether u bring ur child or not. so u might as well bring them


Tanya... TanyaR1024

If it is only one day out of a few days off that is fine. I worked at a daycare and we all can't stand the parents who bring their kids in from sun up to sun down every time they have a day off. Most working mothers get 2-3 hours/day with their kids. Why wouldn't they want more time? Especially when their child is an infant. A child under 3 really isn't getting any benefit of being in daycare. Unfortunately it is a necessary evil sometimes. The occasional break to spend time with your SO or do errands is one thing. Having them there constantly while you are sitting at home on your butt is not ok! I don't care if you still have to pay for it and I'm sure your kids don't care either!

jms124 jms124

I see nothing wrong with it.  To those of you who say there is no more "me time" when you become a mother, I say get real!  Day care is not raising these kids.  My son went to day care for almost 2 years and he misses it now that I stay home with him.

There is nothing wrong with taking sometime to yourself when you need it.  I know I'm a better mom when I get a few hours to myself, I feel refreshed and way less stressed.  I am not Supermom.

I've taken my son to day care when I had a few days off, it may not have been for the whole day, but he really liked playing with the other kids and I was paying for him to be there.  And I didn't feel guilty about it.

garyn... garynjakesmom

There really wasn't an answer I completely agreed with, but I took my oldest at least 2 days a week in the summers when I was off from school.  It helped keep him in his routine at the sitters better and it gave me a chance to run errands, clean up and get some rest.  I plan on taking my baby to the sitter at least once or twice next week when I'm off.  I need to do some stuff and being away for 2 weeks straight will be hard on his routine.  Sometimes you just need a day to 2 to yourself and there is nothing wrong with that.

aapye aapye

I see nothing wrong with that.. I did it too when I worked.. but I have a friend who got laid off and left her kids in daycare and she decided to stay home but still left them in daycare.. I'm afraid I don't think what she did was right

Arkaidy Arkaidy

I see both sides fo the argument. Many people, including many I know personally, detach themselves from their children very quickly and let others basically raise the kid. Daycare, gradnaprents, abbysitters. I had a friend who let her boyfriends mom atake their then 8 month old daughter for a month at a time. That is an extreme situation.

Then there are parents who HAVE to work. If you did this ONCE in a while, then that is fine, IF your child likes daycare. If he hates it, it wouldn't be fair.

So, that's my 2 cents.

tracy... tracylynnr67

Gosh, maybe THEY would like a break from daycare and time JUST with mom with no stress, no schedules and no rushing around. My mom and both of my sisters work in daycare and it's an annoyance for them to see kids dropped off at daycare even when mom is home. I personally wouldn't do it. Spend time with your child, enjoy every moment you can have with them. They grow up so fast, they really do.

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