Caylee Anthony's Remains Confirmed

crime scene tapePolice held a news conference today in the Caylee Anthony case, confirming what most of us around CafeMom probably already knew in our hearts. This, according to the Associated Press:

"Orlando authorities say DNA tests confirm the skeletal remains recently found in the woods belong to missing toddler Caylee Anthony.

A county medical examiner said at a news conference Friday that the remains match Caylee's DNA profile, and that the death is considered a homicide."

The What Happened to Caylee Anthony Group? is monitoring developments and providing links to news stories and videos right now. It's a private group, so you'll have to apply to get the info and join in the discussions, such as this one, created for moms to "let it all out." Here's are just some of the reactions:


"I really feel for George and Cindy and hope they make it through this okay. I hope that Casey Anthony rots in hell for this. I feel she needs to suffer as her child who looked to her mom to protect her and Casey did nothing but kill her! I HATE HER and WISH I could see her for 5 minutes!" --KierstynsMom

"All I can say is I'm glad she's found. Now she can be laid to rest in peace, poor baby. I also feel bad for Cindy and George. Even though they angered me by being so far in denial, not that it's confirmed I can't even imagine how they must be feeling. And words can't express what I think of Casey." --anonymous

"I can't even imagine how frightening it must feel to know you gave birth to a murderer. George and Cindy's worst fear was confirmed, along with one more that they couldn't bring themselves to face. I hope they know that Casey's soul is vacant and she should be considered dead to them. They're going to forever feel as if they could have done something. And truth be told, they COULD have. But they let pride, pretense and denial rule their lives. I hope they grow and change for the better." --missjulia

"I hope that everyone that had a hand in murdering Caylee or covering for her gets their punishment from our system. I wish that Casey could die EXACTLY how Caylee was killed. Caylee trusted her "mom" and Casey killed her.  ROT IN HELL ETERNALLY, CASEY ANTHONY, your LIFE IS OVER. As a christian I am having a hard time with my feelings towards her and what I feel should be done. I pray for George and Cindy as I know this is difficult for them." --c_boerman

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