Hand-Washing Battles

messy toddler

Photo by bishop96

Hand sanitizers are so handy, and they really do kill all types of yucky germs. Cafe Kristen in Healthy Living Buzz talked with a few experts about hand sanitizers and one believes pretty strongly in them.

I'm a pretty big fan of hand sanitizers, too. I have a bottle right here on my desk. There it is, right there, as full and untouched as the day I bought it about three months ago. Sigh. I wish I could remember to use hand sanitizers more often, and I really need to get my toddler in the habit. I hate to think about all the places her hands go throughout the day or the little tidbits she picks up from the floor, the sidewalk, etc. But I have a hard enough time getting her to wash her hands after going potty. What about you ... ?


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