Hand-Washing Battles

Cynthia Dermody

messy toddler

Photo by bishop96

Hand sanitizers are so handy, and they really do kill all types of yucky germs. Cafe Kristen in Healthy Living Buzz talked with a few experts about hand sanitizers and one believes pretty strongly in them.

I'm a pretty big fan of hand sanitizers, too. I have a bottle right here on my desk. There it is, right there, as full and untouched as the day I bought it about three months ago. Sigh. I wish I could remember to use hand sanitizers more often, and I really need to get my toddler in the habit. I hate to think about all the places her hands go throughout the day or the little tidbits she picks up from the floor, the sidewalk, etc. But I have a hard enough time getting her to wash her hands after going potty. What about you ... ?


How many times a day do you make your toddlers wash their hands?

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