Stocking Stuffers, Toddler: Cute Animals and Slinky

The holidays are upon us now, and if you're still going at it, here are the last of my 10 under $10 stocking stuffer ideas for your toddler. If you haven't yet, be sure to pop on over to the CafeMom Holiday Party -- it's going on right now. And by the way, did you see our holiday gift to you yet?

Flip-a-Face Animal Set by SAMi


Flip-a-Face Animal Set by SAMi

Flip-a-Face Animal Set by SAMi

 Why I Love It: Older toddlers will have fun interchanging the pieces to create a dog or a cat, or something in between. For ages 3 and up.

Get It:; $10



Original Slinky

Original Slinky

 Original Slinky

why I Love It: I think Santa brought me a new Slinky every Christmas, seeing as I would always lose or destroy the last one. And I never got bored trying to achieve that perfect stair walk. You can easily find it in your local toy store if you don't want to bother ordering online.

Get It:; $3.75


Other ideas:

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Toothbrush and Slippers

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