Has the Bad Economy Touched Your Child Yet?


baby with money

Photo by shaylas_mama

Here's a question: When and if you find yourself cutting back on expenses to make ends meet in this train-wreck of an economy, how far will you let it go? Will you pull your child out of a music class that she loves? Will you switch his preschool, taking him away from the teachers and friends he trusts and loves, in favor of home care or a cheaper solution?

There's so much I'd love to do for my kids right now -- swimming lessons, gymnastics, new ice skates -- but all these come with pretty hefty price tags. It would be a lot easier to cut these things out of our budget, but is that really the right thing to do? Should I be looking for other sacrifices instead?

Lylah M. Alphonse, a blogger at workitmom.com, wrangles with the very issue of how much she's willing to let the bad economy affect her kids.


"While I can totally understand the need to save money, and while I agree (wholeheartedly!) that child care is expensive, I can’t see myself switching day cares or pulling my kid out of school to save money.

If I were single and childless, I would happily eliminate all sorts of things that have become semi-necessities for us. Cable. Land-line phones. New clothes. Going out. But while I’m content to restrict my own spending, I’m reluctant to stop spending money on things for my kids."

What sacrifices have you made to help make ends meet? How bad will the economy  have to get for you to let it affect your kids? Has it already?

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