Quick Kid Snacks and Shopping Cart Strategies

baby in shopping cart

Photo by Peajewel

I was visiting the Food & Party Buzz, collecting holiday recipes and coupon tips, when I found even more solutions to two of my most pressing kid/food issues. (Cafe Kim is always sharing great ideas for family friendly recipes and feeding your clan on a budget.)

First, she offered some Quick Appetizers for the Holidays. Good for guests, yes, but I thought her apple and cheese canapes and soft pretzels were brilliant solutions for hungry toddlers who are impatient for the supper that's got another 20 minutes to go, and even light lunches and dinners.


And Cafe Kim also tapped into another food hassle of mine -- piling both kids and food into the grocery cart. I don't know about you, but I need both my children confined in the cart, otherwise I'll be chasing the other one down the aisles.

But my local grocery store doesn't have double carts -- so how do you make it work?

As one mom on the site said, "Where in the world is there a grocery store with child care!?"

Read the discussion going on in Food & Party Buzz, and let me know how you deal with two kids in a single cart.

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