A Clean House With Toddlers?

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This question is especially appropriate for me today, after clearing out the last of many visitors and presents torn open on my floors -- how do you find time to clean the house with toddlers under foot all day long!? 

My house is a wreck, every day, all day. One little trick I've found: My daughter loves go follow me around with baby wipes, scouring everything, including the TV, the windows, the couch, and the curtains. I don't complain because it gives me a few minutes to clear the old clutter to get ready for the new clutter that will soon take its place.

What are your tricks for keeping a little bit of order and hygiene around the joint? Add yours to this list from other CafeMoms, responding to a recent question by EGNS.


I have a 22 month old and I am constantly cleaning. When I make the bed, I throw the pillows down and let him jump in them then ask him to help me pick them up. notjstanothrmom

My kids clean with me, but I keep my list short. No kid wants to clean for 6 hours so we work in 15 minute time frames. We may dust for 15 minutes, then play for an hour, then fold laundry for 15, then play, etc. hailnbray

My daughter loves water so I let her "clean" the kitchen while I clean other areas of the house. Or she likes to fold wash rags, so I give her a small basket of wash rags to fold. It makes a little mess, but I still get to clean other areas, and then I save those areas that she has cleaned for last, and by that time it's nap time or she has moved on to something else. vaysmommy

My 2 year old gets to run the Swiffer around, or have her own soapy sponge to wipe at things. We make it fun, and I make a big deal out of what a good little helper she is. I also clean the bathroom while she is in the bathtub every night. While she is splashing around, I can take a minute to wipe down the counters or swish the toilet bowl. anonymous

I do laundry on Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays. On Fridays I only do bed linens. I have them help me and we make a game of it. They learn colors, shapes and whose clothes belong to whom. During the day I believe it's important to spend time with your kids and do some fun stuff. Keeping it clean during the week makes it easy to do the big cleaning once or twice a week. The key to keeping a clean house is MAINTENANCE. happy6

When they leave home, you will have a nice neat home again! This is what my mom told me when I asked her the same thing! anonymous


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