Guns in the House

intruderI've been thinking about weapons lately because my son wants a toy gun for Christmas. So I homed in on this article from, in which a mom describes her reason for keeping real guns in the house, and why she's so conflicted over it.

As a practicing Christian, my faith informs most of how I live my life and raise my family. I'm pretty sure that Jesus would be anti-gun. He would advocate peace. I get this, and I do struggle with my choice. But I will not love any enemy who forcibly enters my home. If threatened, I would aim that gun and shoot if it meant protecting my children. Under the Second Amendment that is my right, and I believe whole-heartedly in protecting that freedom.



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FYI, CafeMom has some groups on this topic devoted to sharing information, advice and safety tips, including Moms with Guns! and Moms for Guns!

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