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intruderI've been thinking about weapons lately because my son wants a toy gun for Christmas. So I homed in on this article from, in which a mom describes her reason for keeping real guns in the house, and why she's so conflicted over it.

As a practicing Christian, my faith informs most of how I live my life and raise my family. I'm pretty sure that Jesus would be anti-gun. He would advocate peace. I get this, and I do struggle with my choice. But I will not love any enemy who forcibly enters my home. If threatened, I would aim that gun and shoot if it meant protecting my children. Under the Second Amendment that is my right, and I believe whole-heartedly in protecting that freedom.


Do you keep guns in your kids' home?

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MamaC... MamaCatCat

A gun locked in the closet with the safety lock on it is basically a 400 dollar club. Our children will NOT allowed in our room, and that's where our guns are. If someone were to enter our home and threaten the safety of my daughter, you bet your ass I will shoot them. If it comes down to THEM or your FAMILY? Your CHILDREN? I hope you would do whatever it takes to protect your children.

catho... catholicmamamia

We have one gun with about eight locks on it. If we can get to it in time..LOL..we will not hesitate to use it on an intruder who intends on doing harm to our family.

debra... debra_benge

I was raised on a working beef cattle ranch.  We always had guns around.  I was taught from a very young age how to behave around guns.  They were never hidden, never made anathema.  I was taught to shoot, and shown the damage they could do, from a young age as well.  We slaughtered our own beeves every year, and my Grandpa used a rifle to put the steer down before we started processing it.  I always knew guns could, would, and DID kill.

I believe that if children are taught responsibly, and guns aren't made some big, exciting secret, they'll respect the danger guns represent.  Sure, you'll have the kids that play with guns, no matter what you teach them or show them, but for the most part, kids will leave them alone.

We have guns in this house, put away where they're not easy for the kids to get to, but not hidden.  We've even had a registered gun safety teacher give them a class on gun safety.  I'm comfortable with having guns in the house.  They're not laid out on the counter to tempt the kids, but the kids know we have them in the house.

Educate your children.  Don't hide things from them.  It only makes that thing more exciting, more magical to them, and they'll push harder and harder to get their hands on that item.

jms124 jms124

My father, step-father, grandfathers and one sister all hunt.  I grew up with guns in the house.  We knew not to touch them.  We don't keep a gun in the house yet, but only because I'm still getting comfortable firing a hand gun.  Should the time ever come that we keep one in the house it will be kept in a locked safe and our children will be taught how to properly handle them.

It's all about educating them.

lilma... lilmamakaren

My hubby just in the past month got a gun. I see his point in owning a gun but I wont let my 19 month old boy see his daddy with is. My son is already "BOY" enough and I know the day he sees his daddy holding it everything will turn into a gun.

When he gets older I dont care if he goes shooting with his dad. I guess having a gun does not bother me it is just all of the what ifs. My husband tells me that there is a lot of what ifs that could happen when you are driving your car down the road but it is not going to stop us from driving. I guess it makes me feel safe to know that our family in protected if someone came into our home.

3eart... 3earthangels

I really dislike having guns in homes. I believe it's very unsafe even without children. And what's the point of it being for protection if it's behind lock and key? Are you really able to get to a locked up gun faster than an intruder can get to you or your family? And IF you manage to, what's to stop the intruder from getting the gun from you after you've taken all that time to get it out?

And with having one with kids in the house.... children are crafty & smart. They live with you and know where you keep things no matter how much you try and hide it. If they want it, they will get it and there is no safety precaution for a determined child hellbent on getting the gun to figure out what it is and how it works.

IMO... own your gun for all you want. But they will not be in my house and my kids will not been around them if I know they are in someone else's house. They are for professional use only, military, police force, and maybe a security guard.

Cowgi... Cowgirlmom0616

I grew up in a house with a police officer for a father and my mom worked in corrections.  My dad made some very big drug busts when I was a kid and there were always threats on my family because of it as well as because of my mom's job.  We always had loaded guns in the house.  We knew where they were and how to use them.  We were taught to respect the guns and we knew how they worked and what they did.  We NEVER even thought of touching them unless there was an intruder then we knew what to do.  I do have my dad's shot guns and a rifle but they are in my garage which is not attached to the house.  As much as I dont mind the guns, I dont trust that my kids would be so respectful.  I have an extremely curious 4 year old son.  Obviously I would never keep them loaded, I dont even have bullets for them here.  I have them because my father made me remove all of his guns when he was diagnosed with bone cancer, he was afraid that he would hurt himself because of the pain he was in.  I think when I feel that my kids are trustworthy enough to have them in the house, they will be put in the house.  I wont put them in here until my kids have seen them shot and know what they can do and until they are old enough to completely understand them.

Sylvi... SylviaNCali

Our guns are in a locked room and put up very high and unloaded so there is no way for our children to get to them. I think it's crazy to not have a gun. With all the stories of people being robbed, assaulted and killed. They normally had no defense and that's really unfortunate. I prefer to have a fighting chance over being a sitting duck hoping the police come in time to safe me. A few days ago Dr. Phil even had a show about how the dispatchers failed and the people ended up dead. I truly believe it's always best to have as many protections as possible. I not only have a gun. I have security cameras, window and door sensors so everything helps.

bobbi... bobbicroft

I have alot of guns in my home because my husband and my son are hunters but the guns that are kept here are kept in a locked safe and the ammuntion is kept in a separate locked safe. Our guns are not used for protection only for hunting.

terri... terri0202

I am pleased to see that those who own guns have locks and are using education in part of keeping their home safe. But as for me, NO guns in the house. When the kids were younger I was concerned about them shooting themselves because of the curious factor. I am a nurse and have seen way too much tragedy. Now that the kids are teenagers I would be concern again about them shooting themselves. Either showing off or depression, or anger issues. I just don't want to take the chance.

Terri in Phoenix

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