Embarrassing Things Kids Say

talking baby

Photo by imasurvivor

You know how we just can't wait for our toddlers to learn to talk, so we can get beyond those one-sided "Wanna cookie" and "Poo-poo diaper, Mommy!" discussions and have real heart-to-hearts with them?

Part of the deal of a talking toddler, of course, is that along with all the cute stuff that rolls out of their mouths, you also get an equal amount of the downright embarrassing stuff -- the kinds of comments made to strangers or family members that makes you feel like saying, "I don't know whose child that is, but she's not mine!"

Lorsons86 has a story along these lines to share -- this one is more in the cute than embarrassing category, but it's frustrating to her nonetheless. She tells the private group Toddler Moms:


My DS says "I love you" to everyone! When we are in the store, he will just say it to random people we don't even know. He will say it to the neighbors, the mailman -- anyone and everyone. But my DD is the opposite. She doesn't like people at all. She won't even look at strangers and sometimes not even family members.

I loved proudmommymel2's answer:

I would say he doesn't understand the depth of the word love, and I don't think you should expect that from a 3 year old either. At least he is not going around and saying I HATE YOU! Boy that would be embarrassing LOL. It it will pass!

What embarrassing or awkward comments have your toddlers made to strangers on the street or in the store -- or even to family members? What kind of damage control did you use?

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