Little Boy's 'I Only Date Models' T-Shirt Causes a Stir

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One morning recently a little boy woke up and put on a t-shirt that said "Sorry, girls, I only date models." Then, what do you know, he bumps into a real-life model! At the airport the boy ran into Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, a Victoria's Secret Angel and actress on Transformers: Dark of the Moon. Of course, when your kid meets someone famous, you snap a photo ... and when that photo gets uploaded to Reddit, it's bound to go viral.

Which is exactly what happened. Check this thing out:

"My cousin met a Victoria's Secret model at the airport," read the Imgur caption written by his presumably much older family member. From there, the pic quickly went viral and elicited a slew of "Aw, how cute!" comments.

Um, does anyone have a problem with this? For starters, let me be clear that the boy is certainly not to blame: he has no idea what his t-shirt means, or its implications. But his mom and dad sure do -- and more to the point, that's not a message we want to send our little boys!

Because if you peel back the cuteness, you've got a misogynistic message that men should only date hot women -- regardless of their own looks -- and that women who fall anywhere short from a "10" on the attractiveness scale will never find a partner. It portrays women as worthless without beauty, and men as superficial... in short, no one wins.

While this little boy may not understand the words on his t-shirt right now, sooner or later, it will sink in. Plus it's being broadcast to many older kids and adults who do get it right off the bat.

Bottom line: Parents should think twice before dressing their little kids in  t-shirts with "funny" sayings that, when you think about it, may actually send the wrong message.

Do you think this t-shirt's funny or offensive?


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AliPa... AliParker

It's a trashy shirt for sure. Without knowing them it makes me think his parents are classless and shallow. But that's that's their choice how to dress their kid. Doesn't matter in my life any.

Elaine Cox

silly but harmless..sometimes its just a shirt

jkimb... jkimbrough

I think its cute. Not all models are super skinny and fit a stereotype. It's just a shirt for a little boy. No harm no foul.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

"Sorry girls. But I'm being raised by parents who teach me to judge every girl I meet by their looks, and eventually I'll be a shallow, grown up man who thinks I'm entitled to other women's bodies because they are just "models," there for my viewing pleasure, not humans beings. Sorry!!"

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Please people it's a shirt and there are more than skinny models in the world.

nonmember avatar Gina

Can anyone have fun anymore without offending people? *rolls eyes*

nonmember avatar Elise

I've seen little girls wear onesies that say "princess" at age 1 day old! That doesn't promote a stereotype that she's going to grow up self entitled and a brat? No! It's funny/cute. The little boy is adorable and the shirt is meant to be funny. Some people need to take a chill pill. I'm sure his parents are nice decent parents-lay off!

Happy... Happydad73

Yet you will dress your daughters in shirts that say 'Yes I'm a princess, deal with it' or have pants on that say 'bootylicious' across the butt. Lets face it, you only want this to go one direction. Boys must be conscientious at all times, but girls are free to be as callous and sexual as they want. Go figure.

Diorne Lia

The humanist in me certainly does not have a problem with it. Would you have preferred a T-Shirt that read, I'm with Stupid next to Julia Gillard ?

Stephen N. Green

Judy baby, men are attracted to highly attractive women, that's life. Not a few women are also attracted to highly attractive men too. Most end up settling though as in the sexual marketplace, we can only barter so far. For men wealth helps. For women, looks - for a limited window of about 15 years. Don't be bitter. Chin-up ;-)

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