​2-Year-Old Blue Ivy Stays Up Way Past Her Bedtime to Watch Mom at VMAs (VIDEO)​

So, last night a little girl managed to do the impossible: Upstage Beyoncé during her Video Music Awards performance! Cameras caught none other than Bey's daughter Blue Ivy showcasing her own flawless dance moves on dad Jay Z's lap. She had the cutest, sassiest look on her face during "Flawless" and "Drunk in Love."

Instead of enjoying a rare 2-year-old sighting on the VMAs, judgy moms are throwing Bey under the bus for not getting a babysitter. Yeah, it's Monday ... not our best day of the week ... but come on now. Grab a cup of coffee and get over it. Like, now.

Check out this video of Blue Ivy getting down watching her mommy:

Why, oh why, must moms criticize a moment like that? Haven't we all made exceptions to the scheduling rules? Holiday parties ring a bell? Maybe you saved a few hundred dollars taking a flight that interrupted bedtime? How about life? Sometimes there are just times you want your child next to you, to be a part of a memory of a special night.

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It's not like Bey was keeping Blue Ivy up for a Real Housewives marathon. She was there to accept the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award for lifetime achievement. It's a big deal. 

Blue Ivy will adjust back to her sleeping schedule. It may take a night or two, but she will get there. She won't remember how she gave up a night of sleep for the VMAs, but Bey will never forget her daughter saying, "Yay Mommy!" when she emotionally accepted her award. Those are the mom moments that make all the sleepless nights worth it.

Do you think some moms are overreacting to Blue Ivy being at the VMAs past her bedtime?

Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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savery savery

I can't even believe that this is an issue.....are there really women criticizing this...really??? She won an award of a lifetime and her perfect little girl got to be a part of her very special night!!! ridiculous

sterl... sterling21

I am the kind of mom that takes my kid everywhere with me. There were times when I had to go into the office late or on the weekend and since time with him was so rare I would bring him with me. Besides she really enjoyed the show!

mummy... mummyoftwins92

Cause those mums know her bedtime? And what's it to them staying up late eont kill her and they dont have to deal with her the next day when she is moody and tired..people find anything to whinge about.

Paws84 Paws84

How about we criticize the fact that her child will more than likely become a stripper? This nasty hoe of a mother was dancing all up on the pole barely wearing any clothes? Yeah, because that's what I want my daughter to idolize. She should save that for the bedroom. You're a mother, act like one. Quit acting like you're in your twenties. Beyonce and all those chicks are disgusting. Quit showing your vagina wherever you go, females.

Laurie Lynne

^^^Paws u need a life...  Anyway.  I love how Jay had that proud papa look on his face looking at the camera like "look at how cute my baby is!"

nonmember avatar Tiffany

So Paws84 what your saying is if I do pole dancing as a sport to stay fit my son with become a stripper? That's like saying a little boy will be gay if he plays with dolls. Honestly I think its cute that she stayed up to support her mum. She was so excited for her & danced along to her mum's singing!

Paws84 Paws84

And both of you are what's wrong with mothers these days.

Paws84 Paws84

Do you let your child watch you have sex as well? If you're half naked, crawling around on all fours, twerking, going around on a stripper pole, and singing abut sex, that's no way to act in front of a bunch of people, much less your child. Would you act like that if your husband had his friends over? I hope not. Oh, and nice excuse about the stripper pole. Lol there's a million other ways to 'get fit.' Nice try, though lol

nonmember avatar rosa88

Paws is probably a fat cow that's why she's hating haha.

nonmember avatar randomone

And you paws sets the perfect example as to why people are too afraid to let their kids be kids. It is up to each family what is correct for them. They shouldn't have judging eyes every choice they make. Maybe if you took off your turtleneck and spun around a pole, whatever is up your butt would fall out

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