1 Check Every Mom Should Make to Her Son's Bathing Suit to Prevent Serious Injury

As moms, we pride ourselves on thinking of everything that could go wrong to keep our kids safe. But sometimes the best of us are blindsided by scary, unpredictable accidents -- like the mesh in a bathing suit strangling your son's penis.

Terrifying tales of little boys getting hurt at the beach or pool in the most unimaginable way possible are popping up around the country. With some bathing suits, the penis foreskin can get trapped in the tiny little holes of the mesh liner ... and it quickly becomes a tourniquet. The injury is unbelievably painful and requires immediate attention.

Moms say the penis swells up and bleeds pretty quickly and that the mesh can take a ring of foreskin with it. The most important thing to do is to remove the mesh immediately. It has to be a judgment call -- depending on how the mesh is attached to the penis -- to decide if you can do it yourself. Pediatricians we spoke with advised to go to the ER if there's any doubt in your mind. 

According to emergency room statistics for pediatric penile injuries, the most common complaints include blunt trauma, post-operative complications, fractures, and zipper injuries. Although mesh swimsuit injuries are rare, they definitely do happen ... so it's important for moms to keep them on their radars.

So, what can you do to keep your son safe as the summer of 2014 comes to a close? There are mesh-free bathing suits on the market. And some bathing suits have smooth liners instead of the mesh. If your son's bathing suit has the mesh with little holes, be sure to cut it out before he wears it again. Better yet, take a look at the inside of your son's bathing suits before you buy from now on ... that extra step may spare him from excruciating pain. 

Have you heard about the mesh in bathing suits causing penile injuries?

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morga... morgani6904

I've always cut the mesh out of the bathing suits. My boys hated the thought of wearing it with the mesh.

abra819 abra819

Wow, never would have thought. Thank you.

kymom23 kymom23

Never thought about that but my boys have always wore their underwear under their swim trunks anyway. They never liked the feeling of going without underwear.

nonmember avatar MH

That happened to my son last year! It was scary trying to cut the mesh to free his penis, I was afraid of cutting him by accident.

FireM... FireMoonGypsy


nonmember avatar jess

That is BS my kids aren't cut and they have never gotten their foreskins caught.

ericabb ericabb

I love the notion that just because it hasn't happened to you it's BS.


Wow. Another risk for those poor kids.

eupeptic eupeptic

I'm a guy and my brother and I both have an intact foreskin and neither of us has ever had an issue with swim trunks in our lives. (Going by my recollection of when I was a kid, it seems that the holes in the mesh on the trunks we had were so small [maybe about 1-3mm in diameter] that I can't see how it'd be an issue. I agree that a zipper is more likely to be an issue if one isn't being careful, but that's also fairly rare.) One thing that does concern me is that the legs on many swim trunks are loose which means that if the mesh is removed then that makes it even more likely that on occasion someone will get to see something they may not want to see (and that I personally prefer to keep to myself). Though wearing underwear underneath sounds like a decent idea (I never have).

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