Holiday Crafts for Kids: Paper Snowflakes, Garlands and More

Call me crafty this weekend ... yesterday I discovered a super cool slide show for making hand print holiday wrapping paper with toddlers.

Today, I've got paper snowflakes on the brain. Problem is, I couldn't find any simple toddler-level patterns. Most were way too intricate, and I don't have the patience for complicated instructions or dozens of steps today.

Luckily, I did find a couple of sites with other winter-themed, paper craft ideas for younger children -- all suggestions from around CafeMom.


One of my favorites is The Crafty Crow, which has a collection of easy, winter-themed paper crafts like this snowman garland above.

Another good one is DLTK's Growing Together; they have a printable template for another type of easy snowflake project, as well as other quick crafts.

But my kids and I would still love to get some of those traditional paper snowflakes on the windows. Can you help us -- direct me to a good site with simple patterns?

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