Child Poops on Airplane Seat With Parents' Permission

delta airlineIt's not uncommon to hear that a whole airplane full of people were annoyed by one child, but what happened recently on a Delta flight was icky enough to make international headlines. Aboard a flight from Beijing to Detroit last week, a Chinese child proceeded to do his business right out on his plane seat -- albeit on top of newspaper that his parents laid down for him.

Apparently, passengers and the flight attendant asked the parents to bring the child to the restroom, but the kid's grandpa insisted that he go at his seat. Eek. Clearly, it was an uncomfortable situation for everyone present!

According to Radio Free Asia, a Taiwanese flight attendant said there is no law prohibiting a child from pooping in his seat. And there's also a cultural difference to note: Though it is becoming far less socially acceptable for people in China's urban middle and upper classes to consider going to the bathroom in public, it's still common in rural areas.

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That said, the incident is rubbing most people (many in China who were tweeting up a disgraced storm in response) the wrong way. Sure, this is an extreme situation that isn't happening on planes every day (thank goodness), but it only serves to add fuel to the fire that parents who fly with their kids are nuisances. And that's nothing short of a disservice to other parents who are only doing everything they possibly can to get through an airplane trip sans disruptive crying, bathroom accidents, or anything else potentially disruptive to other passengers! Ay yi yi!

Let's hope no future flight has to endure a similar incident. It's bad enough to have to breathe recycled air while listening to babies cry from take-off to landing, but this is one thing that we can all agree stinks for everyone!

What's the craziest thing you've seen a kid do on a flight?


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gwebk... gwebkeijmmm

Just because there's no law, doesn't mean there shouldn't be a RULE.

Julia... Juliaairene

Thankfully, my son is an awesome flyer. He claps during take off and turbulence and is friendly with the people around us. I count my blessings since we travel a lot .

nonmember avatar gail

I would hope that if a kid did this on a U.S. flight that the plane eould be stopped at the nearest airport and the parents or grandparents arrested! GOD the Chinese are gross!

nonmember avatar Gail

This is a US airline! These peiple should be arrested!

Jeckers Jeckers

I was on a cross country flight (maryland to arizona with a lay over in texas) when my 2 year old puked all over me, the seat, and herself at the beggining of the journey! I dont know why but that first leg of the flight was almost empty. Got off in Texas, had to buy 2 new shirts and continue on to AZ! That was horrible!

lissa420 lissa420

So happy my girls love to fly. My 4 yr old gets so excoted at take off and thinks its fun "when the plane bounces", turbulence.


Maybe there isn't a law in Taiwan but isn't Delta an American airline that complies to American rules and regs.? You would think that people fly would have a bit more decorum, even my dogs know how to "ask" to go do their business outside. Crazy people get kicked off planes for the way they are dressed, but a kid gets the aokay to take a shit in a seat...

Zenezzy Zenezzy

Maybe there was a communication problem and the grandparents had heard about the other flight where a flight attendant refused to allow a child to use the bathroom.  I don't remember if they delayed takeoff to kick them off..

nonmember avatar ASIAN1973

@ PRIMA487
There is nothing to do with Taiwan or USA. This Flight is from BEIJING CHINA to DETROIT MI USA. Please do not make any comment about TAIWAN.

Lisa Prue

Yes pooping on a seat is disgusting. However I am more offended ( since I was not on that plan) on how technology author of this article is so rude. It is hard enough being a parent we don't need ppl like you criticizing us and our children on a plan. That's what's wrong with the world today. Back when I was growing up it was " it takes a village to raise a child" // people helped a mother with a screaming/crying child rather than judge her and point fingers. Now a days ppl are shellfish and would rather complain and try and get something for free as that mother is bearly hanging on

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