Toddlers Swallow Odd Things!


toddler in exer-saucer

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I was alarmed by a news report I read today on the danger of magnets. In a study that looked at 128 instances of magnet swallowing across 21 countries, most of the magnets came from toys and much of the swallowing was done by children under 5. No real surprises there.

But what really freaked me out was the part about what can happen if we don't realize the magnets are winding their way through our kids' digestive tracts in time.

When multiple magnets are swallowed, they can stick to each other across bowel walls and cause severe problems, including infections. Children die from it. This is such a good reminder this time of year.

Then the report got me thinking about all the other strange things that toddlers accidentally -- or purposely -- ingest. Jazzabell69 was telling the CafeMom Newcomers Club that she thinks her son swallowed her diamond earrings the other night!

I left them on the night stand. My husband and I have looked EVERYWHERE. I'm praying to God he didn't swallow them and they are just somewhere we haven't looked yet. I don't care about the earrings. I just want to make sure that he's safe.

Everything turned out fine, as Jazzabelle69 told me:

He did eat them and passed them this morning. I am so thankful to find them and know that he is okay and they are not floating around floating around in his system!

That's one kid with expensive taste. But that's just one of the many strange things that CafeMom kids have ingested. Here are some of my favorites:

A nickel

A Lego basketball


A penny

Human hair

Small barrettes

A dime

Red confetti star (yay! sparkly poop!)

A battery


Chess piece

A wooden knife handle

Puppy poop

What little surprises has your child produced at potty time?

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LadyS... LadySaphira

ahhh todler poop. gotta love the colors you get when they eat crayons!

TBKSu... TBKSuperMama

the worse poop one of my kids ever had nealry gave me a heartattack. Trace was about a year old and had been sick so dh gave him red gatorade to help keep him hydrated. He also forgot to tell me this because i was at work when he had it. Later that evening he pooped red and it scared me so bad. DH was rolling in the floor laughing because I was so freaked. Then he finally told me about the gatorade. It is funny now but was awful then.

jcsmummy jcsmummy

a bottle not kidding. my niece likes to eat crayons. and well, they look like crayons. had to have emergency surgery for that one. she was about 18 months when that happened. my own daughter hasnt really swallowed anything funny. but i have a 5 mont old son, so im sure something will happen.


3eart... 3earthangels

My youngest just swallowed a lego basketball the other month..... she also eats anything she comes across from crayons to glittler to soap or leaves.  She's the only one that's swallowed things, my oldest DD liked to shove things up her nose........... gotta love kids!

Acid Acid

My kids haven't swallowed anything.  But, we have a strict anything that can go in the mouth doesn't go lower than us needing to stand on tip toes to get them rule.  We also don't have small items in the house that can be swallowed.

RanaA... RanaAurora

My kiddo's never been the type to mouth or swallow random things.
My best friend's daughter, on the other hand, has eaten things such as the eraser off the end of a mechanical pencil, soap and styrofoam.

ColieO ColieO

I had this little figurine my little brother made me out of that crayola foamy clay stuff that dries fast and it must have fallen off the shelf it was on because it ended up on the floor somehow. Well, my son found it and it became a headless man. :S

livewell livewell

Now, this is not so uncommon, but my youngest likes to eat toothpaste! Thank goodness we don't have fluoride toothpaste within her reach, but it is very annoying when one of the older ones does not put it away and I find her with a contented smile and an empty tube.

Guara... Guaranteed

My son doesn't eat things, but he loves to suck on things, especially change. I don't know how he finds it, we try to keep it all in wallets or in the change jar. He likes dog food, which I think is yucky but pretty harmless.

My little sister ate only brown crayons. She thought they looked like tootsie rolls. She also likes to suck on chapstick and lipstick.

Our baby sister eats everything. She ate a spider, a tiny rubber pig, and a mud pie with worms in it.

twinc... twinclubmom

One of my two year old twins had a thing for ladybugs. I'm not sure if he ever swallowed one but I've definitely fished a few (both dead and alive) out of his mouth!

His twin has a thing for dog biscuits, especially the chewy kind. (Gross!) He knows he's not supposed to eat them but he loves to get one, show it to you and then run off to try and eat it. He'll also come up to you with one all chewed up in his mouth and sort of grin to say "guess what I'm eating???"

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