Toddlers Swallow Odd Things!

toddler in exer-saucer

Photo by kris_81

I was alarmed by a news report I read today on the danger of magnets. In a study that looked at 128 instances of magnet swallowing across 21 countries, most of the magnets came from toys and much of the swallowing was done by children under 5. No real surprises there.

But what really freaked me out was the part about what can happen if we don't realize the magnets are winding their way through our kids' digestive tracts in time.

When multiple magnets are swallowed, they can stick to each other across bowel walls and cause severe problems, including infections. Children die from it. This is such a good reminder this time of year.


Then the report got me thinking about all the other strange things that toddlers accidentally -- or purposely -- ingest. Jazzabell69 was telling the CafeMom Newcomers Club that she thinks her son swallowed her diamond earrings the other night!

I left them on the night stand. My husband and I have looked EVERYWHERE. I'm praying to God he didn't swallow them and they are just somewhere we haven't looked yet. I don't care about the earrings. I just want to make sure that he's safe.

Everything turned out fine, as Jazzabelle69 told me:

He did eat them and passed them this morning. I am so thankful to find them and know that he is okay and they are not floating around floating around in his system!

That's one kid with expensive taste. But that's just one of the many strange things that CafeMom kids have ingested. Here are some of my favorites:

A nickel

A Lego basketball


A penny

Human hair

Small barrettes

A dime

Red confetti star (yay! sparkly poop!)

A battery


Chess piece

A wooden knife handle

Puppy poop

What little surprises has your child produced at potty time?

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