​Socialite Returns Adopted Son to Orphanage for Crying

monica gaborAn unbelievable story out of Romania has parents' jaws dropping 'round the world today. A socialite named Monica Gabor, who is being described as the "Romanian equivalent of Paris Hilton," reportedly adopted a 3-year-old boy on the spot at the Jiu Placement Centre for Orphans in Bucharest. Likely believing that she was channeling her inner Angelina Jolie or Madonna or whatever, she vowed that he "will not lack for anything, particularly parental leave."

But the first night home, the little boy became distressed and cried. The next morning, Gabor allegedly decided against letting him stay, and the socialite returned him to the orphanage. SO crazy!

Apparently, her trip to the orphanage was part of a PR tour Gabor staged shortly after her breakup from her ex-husband, according to a Romanian tabloid. She was trying to clean up her reputation. Adopting and "giving back" an orphan is certainly no way to do that. Disgraceful.

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Obviously, this is an extreme example of totally irresponsible behavior when it comes to caring for a child, and something no regular mom would ever do ... At least you'd hope! But it definitely serves as an important reminder that adoption isn't for everyone. That it is an extremely serious process and commitment. Not at all something you can decide on a whim or take lightly. Even parents who think they're completely cut out for it can find that it's much more challenging than they ever imagined!

Ultimately, you would think people would realize that taking on the responsibility of raising another human being would strike MOST as a huge deal. That adoption isn't some fun pastime or publicity stunt. But apparently that has yet to get through some people's thick skulls ... Ah well. At least Gabor knew better than to try to take on something she clearly couldn't handle. Hopefully she faces backlash that serves to dissuade anyone from even thinking about following in her footsteps.

What's your reaction to what Gabor did?

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gogoh... gogohas2babies

Sad that the world is full of idiots just like this women. Poor kid was probably freaked out of his wits.

Laine... Lainey0468

She is a waste of air.  Glad the baby will never remember being in her presence. 


Better it happened within a day and at least she knew that wasn't for her. I'd rather she did that than read "socialite murders son she adopted".

nonmember avatar DJC247

I'm impressed that she was close enough to know that he was crying all night, you think she would have hired someone else to take care of him.

But it is better he is safe and can be adopted by some that can really care for him rather than be with someone that has no clue what she is doing.

nonmember avatar me

Well, propably better for him, maybe he can get a family who really cares for him. As for the orphanage, why would they ever let someone just come in and get a kid like its an animal shelter full of lost puppies. And she should be banned from ever adopting anymore unsuspecting childern.

bluec... bluecandi

Jeez.....she juat you know returned him like a defective purse. I think all these fucktard celebrities forget they are dealing with real human beings.

nonmember avatar Meagen Kennedy

This is horrible!! This woman is a horrible person!! I hope they charge her for something!!! There are ppl in this world who can't have children and can't adopt an would love to have a child. This woman is a joke!! God for bid she gets a dog she's probably have it out down for barking!!!

luxxlee luxxlee

These people aren't famous for their character or the talents they possess . They don't have the slightest bit of either. They r beautiful deadbeats soaking up daddy's money. I couldn't care less how much money she has or entitled to one day, how can this happen anyway?honest hard working & loving couples wait YEARS to be blessed with a bundle they can call their own & for a single man or woman its basically impossible to adopt. Yet this single woman known to be a fame hungry party goer walks in from the street &picks out a baby like a claw machine at Walmart. U know what I don't even blame her, its well known their kind has the combined IQ of a fork. Why would anyone let a child go through that? Thank the lord he's too young to understand & be hurt by all of this , though I'm sure this will be with him forever.

nonmember avatar DJC247

I don't understand this talk of him not remembering this, my 2 year old has better memory then I do and I'm not talking weeks im talking months. We whent to a friends house and was hanging out seeing her new place and 3 months later we just drove by and he was telling me that was Dawns house, my 2 year old remembered not just her house but who lived there.

This boy will probably be scared for life by this, but at least it was only one day and he has a chance to get a loving family.

It is a good question of how she just walked in and took him home in the first place.

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