​Dad Locks Himself in Hot Car to Show Parents How Much Kids Suffer (VIDEO)

terry bartleySummer after summer, we can't seem to avoid the very same series of horror stories in the news about children being left to bake in hot cars. Well, one father of three -- his kids aged 4, 7, and 14 -- from Raleigh, North Carolina, was recently compelled to take action in light of these nonstop tragedies. Taking to YouTube, Terry Bartley posted a clip of himself sweating in his hot car with the windows rolled up. He said the temperature outside was up to 90 degrees, and there's no mistake what that kind of contained heat can do to the body.

Bartley has far surpassed his initial aim to get people sharing and talking about his video and raise awareness: His now viral video has reached over 1.2 million views!

Check it out ...

Brilliant. Not to mention something that perhaps all parents should do at some point this summer to better understand what kind of fire they could be playing with if they leave their children in the car on a hot day. There's nothing like a firsthand experience of feeling almost unable to breathe, completely barred from escape, drenched in sweat to make you realize that leaving a child in a hot car simply is NOT an option.

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And yet, we continue to see the same disturbing turn of events play out time and again. With hope, Bartley's video will inspire other parents to give a similar "experiment" a whirl -- and it serves as the serious wake-up call that so many of us need. After all, just a little more awareness could end up preempting disaster and saving kids' lives.

What do you think about Bartley's message? Would you try this "at home"?




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Mrseoc Mrseoc

When new parents leave the hospital with their baby, they typically have to have either watched or read (and take home) some information on SIDS. Why do we not make them sit in a hot car so they know how it feels? oh yeah because it's cruel. It's cruel to leave someone to bake in a hot car. Dont leave your kids in the car. Ever. I would love to see this become a new thing; Parents talking a short video of a few minuets they spent in a hot car so they "know how it feels". Perhaps scare tactics dont work, maybe first hand experience will.

miche... micheledo

I don't understand why people need to see or do this.  The fact is, nothing will make some people get it.  I open my van door on a hot summer day and we can't even climb in until the doors are open and the van started.  The seat belts are too hot to touch.  What is there to understand???  Those who don't get it just don't care.

Kelly... Kellyjuarez033

I think the guy just did this to try to get the message across, because apparently nothing else has worked. People still leave their kids in cars (even intentionally, like one woman in Texas who left her children in the car while she visited a salon). I appreciate his thought and effort.

nonmember avatar amanda

I say good for him! He cared enough to SHOW parents what their child is going through when they leave them in parked cars. I think that's great!

KidsA... KidsAndCars

Please sign & share petition to stop child  hot car deaths:  


This petition needs 100,000 signatures by Aug.12 and the White House will respond to their petition directly! You can help even further by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc. 

Mommies UNITE for the safety of our precious children!

nonmember avatar me

Good video!

Robin Hartman

Most people that have this happen do it by mistake and all this does is make them feel worse. 

mrsary mrsary

Good video!

sassy... sassykat122

ROBIN HARTMAN... They should feel bad

Amand... Amandadees

I would not do this.

I don't leave my kids in hot cars. Most people who so have done it by mistake. This wouldn't help.

But good video.

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