Mom's Photo of 2-Year-Old's Bare Butt Gets Her in Trouble

Banned Facebook photoRemember the Coppertone baby? She ran across a beach with a doggy behind her, pulling her bathing suit bottom down to bare an itty bitty butt cheek? The advertisement might have been everywhere once upon a time, but it seems Facebook would not approve of the old-fashioned ad today. After all, the social media site just threatened to ban a mom for posting a photo of her 2-year-old daughter's bottom being bared in a similar fashion.

The irony? Jill White posted the photo of one toddler pulling down another little girl's bathing suit bottom -- and baring her butt -- on the Coppertone Facebook page! 

Someone apparently reported it, and Facebook removed the photo, sending the mom a warning.

White, a photographer from Hickory, North Carolina, has become the topic of national news after relating the story to her local TV station. She says Facebook told her she'd be banned for life if she reposted the photo of her toddler after they removed it, so instead White has put up a version with a smiley face icon blocking view of her daughter's tush. Check it out:

Banned Facebook photo


Would you be if the icon weren't there?


There have been a rash of these banned photos of late, between the mom kicked off Instagram awhile back for the "shirtless" photos of her 20-month-old and the mom similarly banned from Instagram for her "nude" photo of her toddler showing off her belly button.

The notion that there is something "wrong" with these photos is ludicrous at best. There's nothing sexual about children. Period.

But what's really startling is how moms seem to react every time these stories end in the news. There are a lot of "well, pedophiles are looking" comments and a whole lot of mom shaming.

Talk about fearmongering!

Moms? Dads? Yes, there are pedophiles out there. But here's a not-so-scary statistic for you: researchers estimate that pedophiles account for only 4 percent of the population.

Too many, of course. But still. Four percent. That means 96 percent of Americans are not looking at children with lascivious intent.

What's more, it's important to note that a pedophile who "looks" at a photo of your kid on the Internet is not necessarily going to hurt your kid. In fact, researchers have found that kids who are abused by predators who tracked them down online tend to be older kids who were engaged in chatting with the pedophile -- not innocent babies whose moms photographed them in innocent positions and posted about them online.

Is it freaky to think of a creep looking at your kiddo online? OF COURSE IT IS! But the fact is your kids are at a much higher risk from the people they know than they are some stranger seeing their (innocent!) photo on the Internet. Only 10 percent of abused kids are abused by a stranger, while 30 percent are actual family members!

So maybe we should stop focusing on (innocent!) photos of kids online, hmm?

What do you think when you see photos like this?


Image via Jilly White Photography

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Bruic... Bruickson

What do I think of this photo? I think it's innocent but I'm not a pedophile. I use to think people posting pictures like this online wasn't a big deal until one of my Fb "friends" (a guy I knew in high school) was recently arrested for child pornography. While statistically the probability of some creep lusting after your child's photo is low and the fact that it won't necessarily hurt your child if it does happen, I think I'll be keeping my daughters adorable naked baby pics in my home photo album. If someone else wants to post a pic of their kids that is their business and I won't judge. I just prefer to be a little more cautious of what I put out on social media.

virgo... virgoariesmama

This is why cafemom is the only form of social media I use seriously ppl are stupid and controling. There is nothing preferred about a baby's bottom its just someone with celulitte got a little jealous of a perfect baby bottom grow the hell up and fight the real preverts on the internet . I hate social media and how they try to control everyone its just wrong

Mark Cox

ya virgo..cafemom don't try to control anything lol..but back to the pic..we need to stop overreacting over everything

nonmember avatar deku

If you are unsure of any website's photo rules then look them up and if you don't agree with their rules: don't post pictures! I don't get why this is so hard to understand. Are the rules a bit to strict? Maybe. But you don't get to make the rules so deal with it. If you can't adhere to the rules find somewhere else to post, end of story.

Morri... MorriganzMommy

As innocent as this is even parents can be pedophiles. I know someone whos father took nude photos of her to distrubute at just age 3. Its hard to say, but what is cute to us as normal parents can get those who have been victums upset. I think its best to leave these photos off FB and other social media.

Morri... MorriganzMommy

I had a incomplete thought there, i didnt mean that victums arent normal parents I was orignally writting about tge pedophile parents and some how skipped to talk about the victims. I meant to say what normal parents see as innocent, pedophiles can see as something they want to distribute. And victims will see this as something upsetting since they know how even innocent pictures can be taken in a prevented way by perverted minded people.

irish... irishstarz

Nudity is nudity, unfortunately.

iicar... iicarmerin

Unfortunately, we live in a world where people can take an innocent picture and turn it into something completely inappropriate. That's why I am very cautious about the pictures I post of my children.

Presl... Presley77

Ffs. People are so stupid these days.

eclai... eclaire_mama

this makes me so sad! when did taking cute pictures of our kids become so wrong? my friend, who lives far away from her family had a smiliar thing happen on her facebook page. i think the saddest thing here is that we can't share these pictures or have to fear sharing them BECAUSE of all the pedophiles out there. people are so messed up!

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