Beyonce & Blue Ivy Get Matching Manicures in Totally Inappropriate Color (PHOTO)

BeyonceOne of the greatest things about being a mom of a daughter is that you get to fantasize about all the girly things you'll get to teach her, like how you should never mix plaids, or wear socks with sandals. OK, those things should be taught to both genders, actually.

But one thing that's pretty exclusive to girls (unless you're a little boy with older sisters) is cosmetics. Hair styling, makeup, nail polish ... little girls more often than not want to be just like mom. Beyonce and Blue Ivy definitely fall into the mold here. The singer posted a picture of her and Blue's matching manicures, but she should be careful about how much is too much, too soon.

Beyonce is one sexy mama, and her long vampy-red nails certainly reflect that. But is the color really that appropriate for her toddler daughter?

Let's totally set aside the fact that Blue's hands seem ginormous for a 2-and-a-half-year-old (her parents are tall, mmmkay? She's going to be tall. Genetics and all.) and talk about the color.

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That is some very red red. Painting your toddler's nails is already sort of controversial, but dang, shouldn't she have stuck to pink or purple or blue or green or basically any other color than one that evokes images of Pretty Woman?

Bright red nail polish has a reputation, is all I'm saying. And it may not be appropriate for toddlers.

What do you think about Blue Ivy's manicure?


Image via Beyonce/Instagram

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nonmember avatar mae

i have never commented on any article i have ever read, but i have to here. this is the stupidest one ever. this poor woman is picked apart for everything, of course her daughter wants to match her mommy, and there is nothing wrong with matching red nail polish. i have done it with my daughter as I'm sure millions of other mom have without anyone looking twice at it.

nonmember avatar Amanda's her kid. Who cares what color she picks. Don't you have anything noteworthy or important to write about? Red is my favorite colie and you better believe if I'm ever blessed with a little girl she will have red fingers and toes just like Mama! Stop Mommy bashing.

Hello07 Hello07

Stupidest thing I have EVER read.

AliPa... AliParker

I have to agree with the other commenters so far. She had her daughters nails painted. It's all temporary and all just in good fun. I let my six year old daughter choose her colors when I paint her nails. I would never tell her "not that color because some people associate it with _____". That's just stupid.

nonmember avatar jennadams14

the issue isnt with the red nailpolish, it with dumb shits like the 'journalist' sexualizing CHILDREN

luvmy... luvmybubs

Oh no her toddler is going to be a prostitute because she wore red nail polish. You people have to write these articles for the negative feedbsck, it shows more viewers for advertising or something. There is no way someone is stupid enough to even believe in the crap that comes out of here sometimes.

nonmember avatar amie

I also never comment on here but I feel the need to state how ridiculous this article is!! I honestly cannot comprehend how one would think painting a toddler's nails red is anywhere near inappropriate. Society needs to leave this mother alone. There are more important issues in the world like the mothers who are killing their children or fathers who are leaving their babies in hot cars.

Laura Palmer

3 minutes I will never get back..... seriously blogging clearly is not your thing, it might be time to consider a career change. 

Jozemom Jozemom

This is hilarious. It's not like she took her to get five inch long acriylic nails. Oh no! Red!! *rolls eyes*


Oh wow. Really? This is adorable.

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