8 of the Craziest Places I've Found Cheerios (PHOTOS)

cheeriosOne of the biggest differences between my life as a parent and my life as a childless person is the lack of tiny O-shaped cereal that was in my life before I had my daughter. Joe’s O’s, Cheerios, Organic Spelt Chia Quinoa $20 O’s. They’re everywhere. No, everywhere. I dream in O-shaped cereal. My daughter loves them, and sometimes, even after I've whipped her up a nice, healthy meal, it's what she wants. "Snacks, Mama!" she'll demand.

But, as any parent knows, with a toddler eating (or doing anything), there comes a mess. And in this case the mess has manifested itself in tiny O-shaped cereal being the predominant form of decor in my home. Here, 8 crazy places I've found Cheerios.

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I was expecting something a little more entertaining. These are all places I'd expect to see cheerios when children are involved.

nonmember avatar krystian

I just found a crushed dried cheerio attached to my side this morning!!!!

Problem is, my twins are still required to be in a Hugh chair when they eat

caleb... calebsmama12312

Your daughter is such a cutie! There are cheerios literally everywhere in my house. I find them in all my coat pockets. Even my bed bc they get stuck to my little guy & I guess they fall off in my bed. & don't get me started on the carseat. There's an infinite amount stuck in there lol

chris... christine.93

Your daughter is freaking beautiful btw.

MomLi... MomLily67

Dogs love cheerios!!! A nice place is in your bra. That was a constant one when my daughter was younger.

mouse... mousesmommy5610

I find those yogurt drop things ALL over the house.... the floors, my bag, their bag, my bathroom,the shower, under the sinks. In shoes. Pockets stuck to blankets, my dish washer my oven, inside sippy cups, my couches, dryer, in their beds on the their floors stuck to backs or butts, oh and the best few places to have been found, my bed stuck to my butt and the most infamous ones, my husbands face or hair haha what a way to wake up. (:

If u dont know what i mean by they stick, once damp either by the mouth or slobbery hands and dropped they are sticky basterds haha especially if i let them dry haha...

My kids..

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