New Twist in Case of Disfigured 3-Year-Old Who Was Kicked Out of Restaurant

Victoria WilcherA 3-year-old from Mississippi has certainly been on a roller coaster ride in the past few weeks. Earlier this month Victoria Wilcher's photo went viral, along with a claim that the toddler had been asked to leave a KFC because scars on her face from a pitbull mauling were "scaring" other customers. Then came the shocking claims this week that the whole thing was a "Kentucky Fried hoax."

Sources have provided some pretty damning evidence to the press that they say indicates Victoria's grandmother, Kelly Mullins, and aunt Teri Rials Bates, may have made the whole thing up. Their possible motive? To generate donations for a stalled campaign to help cover Victoria's medical bills.

Naturally, the people who coughed up thousands in donations are angry. They feel duped. But before the world turns its anger on this little girl's family, there's a little something that some might want to consider.

These hoax claims -- if it even is one -- apply only to the Kentucky Fried Chicken incident.

The allegations do not change what happened to little Victoria. The 3-year-old was mauled by three of her grandfather's pit bulls in April. That photo of her is real, as are the child endangerment charges pending against Donald Mullins and his girlfriend, Rita Tompkins for the incident.

What's more, when their daughter was attacked, Tina and Justin Wilcher were expecting another baby who arrived in May. These parents were stretched pretty darn thin. Is it any wonder they allowed other folks in the family to set up a GoFundMe donation site? To promote her story on Facebook?

The hoax claims thus far aren't against Tina and Justin but against Mullins and Bates, and no one is disputing that this kid was very badly hurt.

It brings up a very serious discussion for parents: who to trust when your kids are hurt and you need help.

It's a tough situation for any parent. They need to focus on their child. Often that means taking time away from a job, spending a lot of time in hotels near a hospital, basically spending money they don't have. And that isn't even including the medical bills.

But while their expense mount, they don't have time to go out and fundraise. Their child needs them.

This isn't just what happened to the Wilchers. It's life for hundreds of thousands of parents every year -- from the parents of kids with cancer to the parents of kids who suffer an accident.

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If they're lucky, other folks step in to do it for them. They make an offer to bring in money to cover costly medical bills. Unfortunately, as we're seeing right now as this KFC story blows up, sometimes the offer to help is a blessing ... and sometimes it is a nightmare. 

Should people be angry? If this was a hoax, then yes, absolutely

But it behooves people to remember that there is still a little girl in need here and a family in crisis. It behooves us all to remember that there but for the grace of God go we ...

What was your initial reaction to little Victoria's story? How do you feel about how things are shaking out?



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Bruic... Bruickson

Quite a few commenters on thestir called this when the story first broke. Her grandmother should be ashamed of herself especially since the KFC employees in Jackson have received so much harassment. Death threats even. Either way I am glad this little girl has received so muh financial assistance since she isn't responsible for the adults in her life. I just hope grandma hasn't kept any money for herself.

nonmember avatar Polly

Lying can get you a ton of money and no negative consequences.

Bruic... Bruickson

I also wonder if the little girl was told by grandma that someone was scared of her face (wouldn't want the girl to blow their cover) because in one interview they said she didn't want to go out in public anymore or look in mirrors. That would be even more messed up.

tbruc... tbrucemom

I was one of the commenters that questioned this story. I don't have a problem with a FB page being set up to help Victoria, SEPARATE from the KFC incident. Those that donated BECAUSE of the incident are probably upset and rightly so. Innocent people were hurt. When things like this happen again eventually no one is going to want to help. The grandmother and aunt should be punished. Not sure how. KFC is still going to give money but they should consider a slander lawsuit. Sometimes the ends can't justify the means even when a poor helpless child is involved.

RMT1995 RMT1995

Am I understanding that the grandparents' dogs attacked this poor girl, and the response is for them to throw a fast food restaurant under the bus to get people playing for their negligence???

youth... youthfulsoul

Hoax or not, her injuiries are real and apparently her need for medical attention is real as well. I hope she still gets the surgeries she was offered. She is the ultimate victim no matter how this turns out.

Mark Cox

Everytime one of these stories comes out I beg people to take a deep breath and wait for facts but people wanna jump so they do and more often than not it blows up in their face.the people coming out saying they knew it all the time are so precious

nonmember avatar Guest Pass

Seems like a cover up is going on w/grandparents. Why did they create "mean and killer" pit bulls??? Especially when they have young grandbabies. These folks. The poor kiddos. Jeez. You never know what or who is hiding correct and factual information.

nonmember avatar tvnutt

It's a shame some inbred people caused this young girl's injuries. I applaud KFC for still giving the donation despite what the scumbag relatives did. Oh, and this article said the parents were stretched thin when they had child 2? While I admit it's wrong to assume without the facts COULD they afford 2 kids before they decided to screw? I hate people who say "oh I got pregnant but i won't worry about teh bills. They'll either not get paid or get paid by welfare."

Kelli Roselan

I never believed that and took some heat for it. Strapped or not lies are lies. They fleeced people for their money and gave KFC a bad report. They should get nothing. How does it make it right to lie to get what you need. What the hell is wrong with people? Right is right, wrong is wrong ! Any funding for this poor little girl should be handled by a trutee so that the family never ever gets their hands on that money!

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