Size 24 Months vs. 2T: What's the Difference?

toddlerIf you've got a 2-year-old on your hands, you've probably reached a mommy milestone: the one where you wonder what the heck the difference is between a size 24-month garment in the baby department and the same basic garment that's a size 2T in the toddler department. After all, 24 months is 2 years, right? (We're pretty confident we've got the math right on that.) So why do both sizes exist -- and which one should you buy for your child? 

That all depends.

Is your 24-month-old a baby or a toddler?

Still confused?

Read on.

As far as fashion is concerned, if your child is crawling and wears a diaper, you've got a baby. If your child is walking and potty-trained, you've got a toddler on your hands. The difference between a size 24 months and a size 2T takes this into consideration to accommodate your child's (and your) needs.

"Babies come in all shapes and sizes, so some 12-month-olds could be wearing clothes that are size 18-24 months," says Emily Meyer, co-founder and chief creative officer of Tea Collection. "That's why the sizing for 24 months and 2T is different. The silhouette for 24-month sizes is rounder -- ideal for a healthy, growing baby of any age who might still be crawling. Size 2T clothes, on the other hand, are intended for early walkers. The silhouette is less round and more upright to allow for easier movement as your little toddler starts to really get around."

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The differences between the two sizes also take moms into account. "Expect to find extra room for diapers and often snaps inside the legs to make changing easy," says Mellicia Marx, owner of Poplin Style Direction, a personal style service that works with kids. "A toddler, according to brand logic, is likely potty-trained and no longer needs extra room for diapers or snaps along the inseam of pants." It's also worth keeping in mind that kids' clothes are usually sized in age ranges that end in the highest month. For instance, 24-month items are generally made for 18- to 24-month-old babies, and 2T is intended for 2- to 3-year-old kids.

Another difference? Clothes that are marked 24 months are usually more "babyish" in terms of style than those that are 2T. "If you prefer your little one to wear a miniature version of grownup clothes, you may find more selection in the 2T world," says Marx.


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elk571 elk571

It's also helpful for if u have a 2 yr old in a diaper, but that is super skinny! 24 mos was always so huge but the next one down was too small for my skinny minis; the 2t fit nicely even w/ a diaper bc they were super tall w/ no baby fat rolls

nonmember avatar amy

What 24-month old is still crawling???

lizilli lizilli

My experience is that baby clothes are always too small.  With the exception of newborn sizes I have always bought bigger than my kids are.  All of my kids walked well before the age of one and my daughter walked by 8 months (Oh the horror!!!).  Additionally, sizes seem to vary from label to label and seem to shrink when first washed and put into the dryer, which is what I do the moment I get the clothes home.   I cannot have those nasty chemicals next to my babies delicate skin.  It's always a guessing game, except for one thing, I always buy larger that the stated size and if for some freaky reason the piece of clothing was too big (that has rarely happened) it will fit soon.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Yet they say that the difference between a 4T and a 4 is that T sizes are shaped to accommodate diapers.

miche... micheledo

Amy, a kid could be a baby but in size 24 months.  My son was just beginning to walk at one year and was wearing size 2T clothes!

Interesting info.  I always wondered and also considered them the same size.  Though like someone else mentioned, my skinny kids with diapers fit into 2T's just fine.

Kimberly Harding

My skinny 2 year old wont fit into 24 mth or 2t pants or shorts....I usually have to get him 18 mth or sometimes even 12 glad its summer cause pants would be impossible cause he is tall but skinny so it is hard to find him pants....he usually just wears onesies now unless we go out

EninJ... EninJenniLouis

All 3 of my kids have been in 2T by 12 months. My 21 month old is in 3T and it's not because they are chunky. They are all tall. None of them wear the size corresponding to their age.

Mommy... Mommy1438

My twelve-month-old has been wearing 18-24 months clothing since around eight months. She fits all the way up to 3T. I think what I haven't seen anyone mention is it also depends on where it's bought or what company made it.. Carters' sizes are off, sometimes 12 months fits and somethings it's TINY or oversized and baggy. Depends. You know how big your babe is, so should be able to buy clothes by giving a rough look estimate. When others ask what size to buy my daughter I say 18-24 months, that way it risks being too big or perfect, instead of too small, as she can grow into a too big outfit. I think it really matters as to the creator, not size etc. 24 months or 2T just depends on the company and store. Sometimes there really is no damn difference! LOL

skrawli skrawli

My 2 year olds were not potty trained. This changed the diaper situation.

Kelly Brigance

Good to know....I always wondered what the difference was.
I think all companies need to overhaul their kids have always been in clothes MUCH bigger than their ages. I have a almost 3yr old in 4T-5T clothes and a 10month old in 18month clothes. And based on other comments and women I know my kids aren't really much bigger than other kids.

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