Pink's Naked Dance Parties Include Her 3-Year-Old Daughter

pink willowPink and her daughter Willow, 3, have naked dance parties. In the latest issue of Who Magazine, Pink (who graces the cover strategically posed in the nude) revealed, "[Willow] said to me the other day, 'Mama, on Tuesday I think we should get naked and have a naked booby butt dance party.' I was like, 'I'm in!'"

Does anyone know what a naked booby butt dance party is? I sure do. It's not the exact phrase my kids use to describe it, but we do have naked nudie dances in my house. My twins are 4. They know what a vagina is. They know what a penis is. And I'm not afraid or shameful to talk about these kinds of things with them. I'm also not afraid of nudity.

As a family, we are not watching Game of Thrones together, or any show with adult themes and nudity. But I don't shield myself when getting undressed when my kids are in the room. Many parents can understand this, especially if they live in a small apartment like we do -- sometimes there is nowhere to go and kids just want to be wherever you are. And so, there are some things that are just not as private as you'd like them to be, and this includes taking a shower and going to the bathroom. I take extreme delight in the times I get the bathroom all to myself without any interruptions or knocks on the door.

Being naked, however, is not a big deal to me. I want my kids to have a healthy view of people's bodies in all the shapes and sizes they come in. My kids used to sit in the bathroom while I showered and talk to me. They had to see me or they would be scared, so we only used the see-through part of the shower curtain. I had to shower. This is how it was done. They have asked me what certain body parts are called, and we've discussed the differences between my son and my daughter. My kids are curious and I didn't want to make up names for anything. So they know the truth, and I'm hoping it is the start of a healthy view of nudity.

I think it's natural, there is nothing wrong with the reality of our bodies, and we all have one. If we hide and show shame, then kids will grow up to feel shame. I want them to love their body no matter what it looks like and not feel like it's obscene. I also want them to honor their body, which is why talking about it and being open about it at an early age is something I believe in.

I don't want them to freak out if they see a nude body and think there is something wrong. So Pink, I applaud your naked booby butt dance parties and the fact that you freely talk about them.

What do you think of this? Do you talk about nudity or are you naked in front of your kids?


Image via Pink/Twitter

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jkimb... jkimbrough

I think this in incredible. Why shame our children into thinking that their body is a bad thing. Have fun with it. I love Pink for being the honest, down to earth mom.

nonmember avatar blue

I have no idea if my son has seen me naked. I don't try to prevent it, but he's a kid that doesn't really barge in. I never saw my parents naked, and I was still instilled with confidence and acceptance about my body. I think it's a bit ridiculous that people think the only way you can do that, is being naked all the time. In fact, your kids can see you naked and you can STILL pass along body issues. It's how we view and treat ourselves that teaches them, not how naked we are.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

When my kids were little, they saw me naked frequently. I was a single mom, and like the author, they saw me in the shower and getting dressed. We even showered together when they were really little. Now since they are boys and I am a woman, we started to instill more privacy as they got older. They are now 12 and 13 and no longer see me naked and I do not see them naked. I am not ashamed, but it's just a matter of modesty and respect.

nonmember avatar kel

my kIds have seen me naked. getting.dressed, showering, etc. my two year old has his own naked butt dance. he.does it everytIme I.take his diaper off. he says, "naked butt, naked butt" over and over while shaking his booty. it's hilarious

the4m... the4mutts

While I think dressing/showering in front of your children is fine, I PERSONALLY don't make it "fun" to have naked time. Play time, and nudity are separate in our home. Nudity is for changing, showering, and sometimes sleeping (when it's hot).

But I don't WANT my kids getting too comfortable with nudity. I don't want them to have a sleepover at a friend's house, and have the friend's mom/dad/brother/whomever walk around nude in front of, or heaven forbid, try to touch my children. If kids are COMPLETELY okay with nudity, I fear that they will see nothing wrong with nudity of random people, or recognize inapproperiate nudity.

It's hard to teach those things, if you're having naked dance parties.

MomLi... MomLily67

It's a great thing to do. My daughter is older ans we still thinks is the funnest, silliest thing to do. It's becoming less every time, but we enjoy it. I too am not shy about nudity. It all depends on how it is approached.

nonmember avatar Mommadeeder

I am frequently naked in front of my 4 and 2 year old sons, when my four year old was two, he asked me why I was wearing a pirates eye patch on my lady parts.. Hahaha

Lucki... Luckicharmz

My daughter and I are very open about nudity, she'll walk in on me changing/bathing to have a conversation and vice versa and no one blinks an eye. My husband and sons are the exact same way.

Mommy... Mommy1438

After like 4 I think it's creepy... because just saying hey kid let's dance naked is like.... uh.... why not dance with clothes??? I understand nurturing a healthy sense of self by not hiding when changing or showering. However, I would find it more nurturing random nudity to dance naked. I don't see a reason why a parent would teach it's okay. Then what if the child does it at a friends' house-or worse, school?!?! It would confuse them to say "Well, it's okay at home only." not to mention CPS might get involved if at some point a child says 'I have naked dance parties but mommy says we can only be naked together.' like wtf O.o lol anyway. Naked dance parties? No. But my dd does like to run as soon as her diapie is off, and she dances and goes "nake, nake, naaaake!" which i dont mind. but making a special time of day to get naked together and dance is wrong and weird....... we have danced in the shower together etc but she is only a year.

grove... groversbabe

im with pink on this. it just our bodies we came into this world born in. nothing to hide or feel ashamed of. im open with all 3 of my kids i hope it continues as they grow because if something ever come up i want them to know im there and i can give them advice

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