Mom Lets 11-Year-Old Son Name Sister & The Result Is Awesome

baby nameYou know what's an awesome name? Awesome. At least that's what one mom and her son think. Lisa Flores of Juneau, Alaska, is trying to get approval from the court to legally change the middle name of her 2 1/2-year-old daughter Viviana to Awesome. Viviana's current middle name is Contea.

Initially, Viviana's middle name was going to be Awesome. The reason? Lisa let her 11-year-old son Dominic pick out his little sister's name. At first, Dominic suggested his mom name the baby Danger, but after Lisa vetoed that in favor of Viviana, Dominic came back with Awesome as a middle name. At the very last minute, Lisa went with Contea, but now she's had a change of heart. Lisa says that in an effort to honor her son's wishes and thank him for all he's done to help her out, she now wants to go with Dominic's suggestion of Awesome.

If you want to name your kid Awesome, awesome. Baby names are a personal decision and a matter of taste, and who is the rest of the world to judge? But. It gets a little tricky when a sibling is the one doing the name picking -- particularly if the name he picks is "weird."

What if Viviana grows up and hates the middle name Awesome? She'll have her brother to blame. Her brother and her mother for letting an 11-year-old make such a big decision. (Fun fact: I actually know someone with the middle name Rooster, thanks to his older brother.)

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It's always a nice (and important!) gesture to involve big brother or big sister in the impending birth of a new baby -- picking out a toy, setting up the crib, etc. -- but when it comes to something as, well, permanent as a name, I think it's probably a decision best left to Mom and Dad. Of course, suggestions should always be welcome, but picking a name (especially one you're unsure of) just to thank your kid and honor his wishes seems like a little much to me.

Here's to hoping the adorable Viviana will always love her middle name and she and Dominic will never argue about it!

What do you think of letting older siblings pick the baby's name?


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fave82 fave82

My mom's sisters named her... Marie Antoinette. She hates it, always has hated it...

tbruc... tbrucemom

I think it's cute to let an older sibling help with naming a younger sibling. HOWEVER, there needs to be restrictions and common sense put into play. My son named gave my daughter her middle name, Lee, because it was the same as my sister's middle name who he is very close to. When my daughter was born on my birth date I wanted to give her my middle name. When I talked to my son about it he was so upset about her not having the same middle name as his aunt I kept my promise and gave her the name he chose.

mompam mompam

We let my oldest son pick my youngest sons middle name. I knew he would choose Thomas. He always loved that name.

Freela Freela

My son wanted to name my youngest daughter Pimpy... I'm sure she's glad we didn't let him have his way!

Jacee... Jacee2348

Maybe parents could provide a list of names they like and approve of and allow the sibling to choose from the list. Seems like a good compromise (or not!). LOL

nonmember avatar Foster

If it were up to my niece,who is 3 yrs old,my nephew(her month old brother) would have been named Kat(yes,we asked and she said it was with a K) or Tiger. This is why you don't let children name babies

Side note:I do like the suggestion of another commenter and have a pre approved list and let them pick from that

kayba... kaybayblee3

My mom wants me to let my DD(who is 3) name this baby. I'd have to approve of the name first lol

Amanda Butler

My brother wanted to name me, Fonzie as is The Fonz from Happy Days which was his favorite show when I was born lol. Luckily they decided to give him a list to choose from instead of free range selection of the name lol

eykelley eykelley

My ds wanted to name dd Merida from Brave. Lol.

meaga... meagansmommy07

My oldest was 4 1/2 when her sister was born and she one day told us while I was pregnant that the baby's name was Libby...we liked it so we stuck with it. HER first name is actually Liberty but we call her Libby most the time.

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