9 Biggest Differences Between Babies & Toddlers

toddlerTo the untrained eye, babies and toddlers may not seem all that different. Both are small people with tendencies to cry, sleep often, and poop their pants. But for anyone who has a 2- or 3-year-old, toddlerhood is a far cry from the now seemingly serene days of infantdom. Things that were so easy with a baby, like changing a diaper, now require the skills of MacGyver, James Bond, and a Navy SEAL all rolled into one.

Take a look ...

© Roderick Chen/First Light/Corbis

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nonmember avatar mommy0320

Hilarious! I miss the ease of putting my little one to sleep. My 15 month is horrible when bed time or nap time comes about

nonmember avatar Kristy

On point!! Lol lucky for me i have a 19 month old and a 3 month old i guess u could say I've got the best of both worlds >.< Lol

Rhodin Rhodin

My kids were apparently toddlers from birth.

dblhlx dblhlx

This was a fun, quirky, and oh so true article!!!

spide... spidermansmom

Oh goodness it's true! Whew, I thought I was the only one with a technology gremlin with an invisible jet pack strapped to his back!

Blues... Blueshark77

This was awesome and quite accurate. 

A trick I learned the other day was if I hand my 16 month old a sticker while changing her poopy diapers, she is too busy trying to pull it off her fingers to wriggle too much during the diaper change. She's happy, I'm happy, and no more chasing a poop covered butt around the room.

steph... steph0420

Am I the only one who thinks the kid pictured looks like he just smashed his face and it's all bloody?

Morri... MorriganzMommy

I am glad my daughter never acted like a toddler. Id tell her its time to go inside she would without a fight. She never made a mess out of the toilet paper while in the bathroom, and she always got out of the bath once we were done. Now at 7 Im fighting her to get out of the shower because 2 hours is way too long. She was so much easier at two than 7. The twins I watch at my house always trashes my bathroom. The parents wanted them to use the toilet for potty training but one still unroll my toilet paper while the other squirts my shampoo out in the tub. I just bought some potty chairs and said tough luck, i can't do this every hour in the bathroom thing when they don't even go but just want to trash my bathroom. I always thought these toddler things were a boy thing since all the other kids I watched were are boys and since my DD and my niece dont do those things I have now learned years later my DD and DN are just the exceptions, its just a toddler thing.

Laura Palmer

I love when 1st time mom's with infants try to relate to toddlerhood issues, "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean..." no you don't at all...... YET.

nonmember avatar rory

I'm nervous to have the next one. My daughter was so perfect, easy pregnancy, easy birth, she is almost 5 and we never have any problems.

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