Terrible Twos ... and Threes ... and Fours ...


Photo by jandyrodax

Our kids are only toddlers for a few years -- so why does it feel like an eternity! At times it seems like we trade one excruciating toddler stage for another, with no end in sight.

nimk99 in Answers just had to vent about her troublesome 2-year-old

I am at my wits end! He gets so wrapped up in his own world that I have to ask him a question about 6 times. He seems to look for reasons to disagree with us, even if he contradicts himself doing so. He refuses to eat what we ask even if it's something he loves, and he'd rather lose his toys several nights in a row than pick them up. The combination of these usually add up to several time outs, removed toys, and a lot of tears and screaming.

I know all toddlers go through a difficult stage, but when does it start to get better?

Alas. I wish I had a crystal ball too ...

What terrible two, three, or four antics is your little one driving you crazy with right now?


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