Shirtless Photos of 20-Month-Old Daughter Land Mom in Hot Water

naked toddler footPhotographer Heather Bays thought her Instagram account had been suspended over a photo of her breastfeeding her 20-month-old daughter. Hey, it's happened before, right? But when she contacted the picture sharing site, the reason she was given was even more absurd.

It wasn't mom's chest that had folks upset. It was her toddler daughter's. Yes, "topless" photos of a 20-month-old have now been deemed too risque for the Internet.

According to Bays, it started with a negative comment on a photo of her breastfeeding, then came the account suspension. She tried contacting the company several times, and when she finally got through, she says she was told "that any photo that has a child even showing their torso is called child pornography."

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By that logic, wouldn't 99 percent of parents therefore be in possession of child porn? After all, how many photos do you have of your young children wearing nothing but a diaper? Or even less if they're in the bathtub?

Granted, we don't all share these photos with the world via social media, but plenty of folks do! Moms. Dads. Celebrities. Heck, even child models are seen "topless" in advertisements on nearly a daily basis.

Should we kick the commercials off TV now? Ban shirtless babies from plugging diapers? Tell moms their shirtless toddlers playing in the sprinkler are lewd and lascivious?

You don't REALLY need the answer to those questions, do you?

Child nudity and child pornography are two very different animals. In fact, according to the US Justice Department, child pornography is "any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct involving a minor (someone under 18 years of age)."

Got that?

Children who aren't wearing clothes are not inherently sexual. They just are. Children who are posed in a sexually explicit or sexually suggestive manner, on the other hand, well ... that's child porn. And that's wrong, and it must be stopped.

But anyone with a lick of common sense can see the difference.

So next time you're freaked out by a shirtless toddler, ask yourself ... who is the one with a problem?

When are kids too old to go shirtless? When are they too old for you to share their photos with others?


Image via Phalinn Ooi/Flickr


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SuzieMac SuzieMac

The way I view a topless child and the way a pedophile views a topless child are whats different. Its not "common sense" 

I am horrified by my facebook sometimes. Its like child molester bait. Won't take them long to find you. 


Einyn Einyn

I agree with Suzie.

sassy... sassykat122

I don't. By that note a child shouldn't be need or even topless in their own ho!e as you never know when a perv might see it

Paike... Paikea1974

ow please! there's being watchful and there's seeing Evil around every corner! I totally agree with the author on the phrase on there is a HUGE difference between child pornography and a pic of a toddler (toddler! not pre-teen!) enjoying the sun and playing with mommy or daddy. oh sorry, no can't play with daddy too because Lord know these days even Dads are ALWAYS a potential child molester! It's like Dr. Phil says: " what ever happened to common sense? " 

April... AprilJune

Suzie is right, but we can't all live our lives with that mentality. If I lived every day with that thought informing everything I did, I woudn't leave me house. My kids wouldn't be allowed to swim in our pool in our own secluded backyard because who knows who's watching from the tree line. Just because pedophiles are out there, doesn't mean we can't let our children be the care-free, innocent souls they are. It's our job as parents to take precautions, but a "topless" photo of a toddler is harmless.

lilma... lilmama31709

It obviously wasn't a sexualities photo, unfortunately it is still considered nudity by law, and it's a child, making it child pornography, just like the parents who had their children taken away for showing pictures of their toddler in the bath. People are ridiculous with crap now. You can do nothing right as a parent and you will be made out to be a horrible person if someone doesn't agree with you. I don't agree with what happened to this woman's account or the law or the fact that parenting has basically become the laws problem instead of letting parents do what they feel is best for their children (I'm not talking about abuse here) but what was once considered perfectly acceptable is now considered abuse/neglect when it comes to some people, and some laws. It's ridiculous.

rctycoon rctycoon

you should never take a picture of a topless girl no matter age and post it

Munch... Munchkinmomof5 newborn photos taken by hospital professional photographers of infant girls should not be shown? I don't think that's using common sense. There is no difference between a boy without a shirt and a girl without a shirt as an infant. People really should just use their head a little bit more.........or less if that's what it takes! Stop reading so much into it

nonmember avatar Miss Ann Thrope

Remember the copertone baby, she used to always wear just a diaper, and a puppy was pulling it down on that. Now on most bottles she wears a full swimsuit. I was watching the Monkees the other day. They were playing on the beach with a group of kids, giving them rides on thier shoulders, ect. One of thechildren in the group happened to be a girl, about 3 or 4 wearing a pair of shorts and no shirt. We used to think of chidren as children. A sicko who sees a three year old as sexual object will view them that way whether they are completely naked or bundled up like eskimos. There is nothing obsene about a topless female before puberty. They look exactly the same as a topless boy (except maybe with pigtails).

Charl... Charlyla2

Holy God. This is is ridiculous. First off, lock your FB so only people you share with can see. You can't even find my FB in Google search let alone pics of my kids. I have gotten onto my dad for sharing pics of my kids without permission strictly because he is one of those people with like 2000 friends and never mind that I don't know them, he doesn't either. Secondly, you never know what someone you know personally is capable of. Now, I am guilty of sharing pics of my kids regularly but I don't share anything considered inappropriate and very rarely share shirtless photos of them. I worry about anyone possibly getting ahold of one of my kids pics and turning it into something awful but the could happen at the park. Or the grocery store. Shirt or no shirt, pedophiles will always find a way to make an innocent photo creepy.

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