Mom's Booty Dancing Is All Fun & Games Until Toddler Shows Up (VIDEO)

mom butt bumps babyThe dangers of twerking are real, people! Just ask one mom who was practicing for an online dance-off, when her toddler daughter unexpectedly walked into her break-dancing zone.

All was going well, the booty poppin' game was on point, until the baby decided to make a cameo appearance in the music video. And isn't that totally real? Kids can come out of absolutely nowhere and surprise us. Luckily, she's totally fine, and the mom said that she "didn't even cry." 

But just check out her face! 

Aww! The little girl is completely shocked and has no idea what just happened. And as for mama, best of luck in that dance-off! If your baby booty bump is any indication, you'll be sure to knock out the competition!

Has your kid ever just come out of nowhere and surprised you?


Image via Summer Knowlden/YouTube

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Julia Saenz

a bad influence she'll be copying and gyrating by age 3

hello... hellokd87

Oh please Miss High &'Mighty, it was for a dance contest. I doubt the mother routinely does that for her daughter. Just let her have fun!!

nonmember avatar mama2knt

OMG people always have to turn something innocent into something that it's not. It's called having fun. I'm sure you all dance in front of your kids. Bad influence? Not even close

purra... purracious

Again, this is seconds of someone's life of which you know absolutely nothing about. Get off your high horse, this is hilarious.

Christine DiMaria

I wouldn't be too worried about the daugher picking up on the booty dance. The dancing was absolutely terrible. 

Julia Saenz

news flash kids imitate what they see, if you cant commprehend that it might be wise not to have kids

berit berit

Her lack of comprehension is better than your inability to spell. I'll take a dancing mommy over a borderline illiterate one any day. Hope you don't have kids if your intelligence is really that low.

Dancing is fun and a great way to exercise with the little one, it's not like the kid is old enough to assign a sexual meaning to her mom's dancing.

nonmember avatar Tasha M

Wow Julia... I feel sorry for your kids! It will be hard living up to your high and mighty standards. Heaven forbid they make a tiny mistake in your household. It will be blown out of proportion and they will be "ruining their lives" for messing up on silly stuff like this. She was getting down and having fun while getting some excercise. If more people would get up and move like this and not be afraid how they look then we wouldn't have the obesity problem we do here in America. Poor baby was just in the wrong place at the wrong time lol.

Julia Saenz

Sorry accidently clicked two Ms on my ipad.  Did you see the part in the cideo where that child almost hit her head on the table. Good stuff, sooooooo funny.  My 5yo is years in math and reading ahead because I work with him. This mom instead is spending her time training for a dance contest in which she clearly sucks.  The child is watching and absorbing as they all tend to do at that age.  Gyrating by age 3. julia and zennan . blogspot .c o m

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