Dad's Lightning Fast Reflexes Save Kid From Getting Hit by 'Car' (VIDEO)​


carHere's a tough truth about parenting: kids are fast, so you have to be faster. Sometimes that means doing things that are superhuman. Like running at the speed of light to grab a kid out of the path of an oncoming car, perhaps?

A video has gone viral this week of a dad doing just that. OK, so the car was just one of those plastic Little Tikes types that every toddler in America has, but still, you are about to behold parenthood multiplied by the power of awesome. Buckle your seatbelts, y'all:


Let's hear it for parents and their ninja-like reflexes! Because you don't necessarily have to be fast before you have a kid, but once they come along, you realize you have become somewhat like a cat, ready to spring at any moment. Last-minute saves are pretty much the name of the game when you're a mom OR a dad.

Because the truth is you have to move fast if you want to keep your kids alive.

So let's hear your crazy, OMG, I've never moved so fast, but I grabbed my kid and I am AWESOME moment!


Image via wreck/Flickr

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Snapp... SnappleQueen

You know what's even a better idea? Not letting the kids aim their tyke car towards an area where a toddler is playing unsupervised.

Curio... Curious11

Wow!  Daddy got super speed!

Melissa Ruel

I was sitting at a Cold Stone with my oldest whom was almost about 18 months old at the time, my hand was on his arm as he was trying to sit on his knees at the table. My BIL was getting ice cream for everyone when my son had started to fall face first from in between the table and the chair. I thankfully somehow caught his face with my foot before it hit the ground.The guy serving the ice cream saw everything and could only stand there frozen with his mouth open. The other server just gasped. I start yelling at my BIL (whom we were right behind) he turns and sees what everyone was looking at. I had him grab my son because I couldn't pull him up on my own and couldn't let him down without falling the rest of the way. Daddy's usually the ninja, he's actually caught an 8 ball that was thrown across the room just be seeing it out of the corner of his eye.

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