Inside the Cars of 18 Moms -- Yikes! (PHOTOS)

carA mother's car can be spotted from a mile away. It usually smells, it's encrusted with various snacks, there are plastic toys strewn about, and it's a g.d. mess!

Remember that time your car was neat before you had kids? Hahahaha, look back on it fondly, because you will never experience that again, dear friend.

But if you think your car is bad, I have some solace for you. Here are 18 cars that couldn't scream I'M A MOM! any more than if the words were spray painted on their trunk.

Image via Jinx!/Flickr

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Austi... Austinsmommy12

Sad, but true. Except the nasty floor mats and the van pic with the purse in the seat. That floorboard is absolutely inexcusable, children or not. Mine always has the random Cheerio or Goldfish, but you can actually put your feet in the floor board and your butt in the seat. Some people worry me.

Robin Hartman

I LOVE the bumper sticker, where can I get one.

nonmember avatar Michelle

I am guessing these people's vehicles looked like this before they had children too. Disgusting. Your car is not a cafe, nor do you need to cater to your kids 24/7 with "kids" music. My daughter gets classical public radio and loves it!

gofas... gofast_mama

Happy to say my car has none of these. My car is mine not my kids, I respect it and made out my machine.

Kristen Sheppard

Picture 8... um. No. It doesn't hurt to go clean your car out at the end of the day/every other day. I promise. 

the4m... the4mutts

Some of those bumper stickers are pretty funny, but the rest of these pics? Ew.

Why do parents insist on letting children run rampant over everything? Being a parent is not an excuse to be dirty.

nonmember avatar BostonBob

Goldfish everywhere!

Bloom... Bloom4ever van might look like that upon arriving home from a day getting groceries or some such with 4 kids in two...but sheesh! I clean the trash out right along with the groceries or whatever...mostly what's on my van floor is a diaper bag and a blanket or 2 from covering the baby carrier...if the seats not being sat in it's either folded down or empty...and the stickers on the window my 5yr old put there got taken off also...the most way to tell I'm a mom is the 4 car seats...

nonmember avatar jms

That's just gross. The only thing my truck and that mess had in common was the zombie family stickets on the back glass. It is NOT a trash can! You will remove whatever you bring in. Sport's gear stowed neatly in the back. Back seat empty. Front seat clean. Might need to run the vacuum but that's just dirt from shoes in treads of floormats. I'm a comuter as well as a mom, I spend as much as two hours a day in my car. I wouldn't even get in those other cars.

Kimberley Cremeans

Wow. So move along and sit down if your car doesn't look like this????

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