Top 10 Ways I'm Now the Dad I Hated Before Becoming a Dad

I swore it would never happen to me because, since I am me, I am in control of such things. Well, that was a flawed theory because, somehow, I have managed to become that dad.

You know, the one we all hate before having kids of our own. I abashedly submit to you the evidence:

1. When asked about my 3-year-old daughter in the course of phony small talk, I reflexively search my phone to display the most recent photo that the phony small-talker didn't ask to see.

2. Loudly and publicly cheering my child's every hideous drawing, nonsensical "show," and everything that spurts out of her into a toilet.

3. Telling my daughter to shush only once or twice on a plane. If that doesn't work, then sorry, but I tried.

4. Letting her climb the stairs by herself in a public place, transforming a stream of polite but hurried people into a hostile Costco checkout line.

5. Giving her the iPad when I need to work upstairs, telling her to stay on the couch, and yelling down every 20 minutes to make sure she is still alive.

6. Walking her into the men's room, thereby transforming entire rows of urinal users into sex criminals.

7. Automatically assuming that all dinner invitations include my child and refusing to attend if they're after 6 p.m.

8. Placing my daughter in the care of people I don't research, and don't want to, because they're too convenient. The daycare at my gym? I'm sure everyone there is bonded, knows CPR, and has never killed anyone. Right? Right.

9. Actually saying and frequently: "Because I said so, that's why!"

10. Posting her Cesarean section on Facebook. I told you I wasn't proud of this list.

How have you become the parent you used to hate?

Image via Corey Levitan

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nonmember avatar Vee

But honesty is the first step. Dad on!

nonmember avatar Brena

I am 99% sure if they would have let my husband record or photograph my c-section... EVERY human alive would have seen my guts! He still says that was the most awesome thing he has ever seen.

AND we are both guilty of most these! lol!

Charl... Charlyla2

::sigh:: I'm the mom who posts pictures. A lot.

nonmember avatar pandora9980

I have my c section photos in the family photo album. I have a picture of my daughters head sticking out the cut that I make everyone look at. Who else can say they have a picture of their baby the second their baby is born.

nonmember avatar kel

sounds like a great dad to me:)

Maishe Levitan

It's called being in love. Roberta and Maishe

nonmember avatar stp

As I have been guilty of most of these, people are crazy these days know who you leave your kids with... The gym is a little different because you are there the whole time

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