​Jessica Simpson Freaked Out by Her 2-Year-Old's Game With Dad (PHOTO)

eric johnson maxi and ace instagramLike lots of moms, Jessica Simpson's Instagram is a delightful ode to her happy family life. Her latest post fits right in, offering an adorably gasp-worthy glimpse of her almost-2-year-old daughter Maxwell playing with her fiance Eric Johnson at the beach.

"Maxi and Daddy at the beach. Yikes and Yay. Good Lord! She has NO FEAR!" the proud mama captioned her pic. Why "yikes" and "yay"? Well, you've just gotta see it to get it ...

AHH! "Yikes" is right! That kiddo is way up there. But she also looks like she's having the time of her life with her daddy. 

Granted, some parents may look at this and be quick to judge Eric for the risky play he's enjoying with his little girl, but the fact of the matter is that not only is the guy a former NFL player (physically fit and skilled in the art of throwing and catching!), but many kids are total thrill-seekers who ADORE being thrown as high and or spun as fast as their folks see fit. While this sort of play may terrify one kid, it's the ultimate in fun to another.

Furthermore, there's even research to support how dads definitely have a tendency to play differently -- yep, a bit more wildly than moms! -- with their children. But it's for the best! According to Wade Horn, President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, children benefit from a father's "rough and tumble play" by learning their limits. Fathers encourage kids to take chances, which can lead to them breaking out of their comfort zone and building their independence and confidence.

Judging from how much love and fun she's surrounded by, we can bet Maxi is already pretty confident for a 23-month-old! But seems like fun time with her daddy is only going to serve to make her more so. And what kid couldn't use an extra pick-me-up? (In Maxi's case, it's just way, WAY up!)

What sort of "rough and tumble" play does your partner engage in with your kid? Do you agree there's a benefit to it?


Images via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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nonmember avatar kel

omg that looks impossibly high! I would have a heart attack lol

missy... missybest

I would stop him from doing that right away!  My child's safety always came first.  I don't care how "macho" he thinks he can be catching her - not that kind of risk for my baby!

TheSi... TheSilence

My husband and son love to play like this. I think it's fine as long as ds is enjoying himself!

nonmember avatar laurie

I get so nervous when my husband plays with the kiddos like this but I trust his judgement. At least he is spending time with them. He wouldn't put our children in danger. Dad is always more physical when it comes to playing.

Freck... FreckleMuppets

I remember doing that with my dad. Best feeling ever :) My husband and I had two that loved it as toddlers. So many giggles :)

nonmember avatar sarah

Well first of all I've seen the picture with the girl up in the air 100 times circulated on Facebook and anybody with a brain can see that both father and daughter are two completely different ppl in each pic. She's either trying to fool everybody or she's just joking because of the similarities between the two pics.

jcm28 jcm28

Yea so not good

Crims... CrimsonRadiance

Sarah, you do realize that she just changed from a dress into a bathing suite right? That is the same father daughter pair in both pictures. 

Jessica Day

My youngest son's middle name is Danger. He lives up to it almost every day. :)

Benja... Benjamins-mama

I am laughing at some of these comments.   My husband does this with our boys and while it does make me a tad nervous, I know my husband will catch them. 

and Sarah  those are the same two people   its very obvious its the same but the girl just doesn't have the dress on anymore lol!!!!

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