3-Year-Old Diagnosed With Rare Disorder Based on Facebook Photo

girl coat's diseaseWhen we post pictures of our kids on Facebook we tend to get a bunch of likes and some comments on how adorable our kids look. But when Tara Taylor posted this cute photo of her 3-year-old daughter Rylee she got much more than that. She got a diagnosis from two friends who advised her to have Rylee's eyes checked out because they were concerned about the glow in her left eye.

Thankfully Tara took the advice because when she saw a doctor, Rylee was diagnosed with a rare disorder that could have made her blind.

Too often we shrug off the advice of friends. Some people do. But when it comes to something like this it's always better to check it out. My friend Jen was concerned about my own daughter's eyesight when she saw something amiss with her eye and suggested I take her to see a specialist. Her daughter had a condition that was easily corrected by wearing glasses for a short amount of time ... if detected early. I took my daughter in but everything was fine. Still, I'm glad I went to make sure.

In this case, it's believed the advice of friends and Tara following that advice, helped her daughter keep her full eyesight. The condition Rylee was diagnosed with is rare -- it's called Coats' disease. It's an abnormal development of blood vessels behind the retina and if not treated can cause vision loss or blindness. Rylee had never complained of vision issues, so it was going undetected. Doctors say that children often don't share any slight vision issues with their parents until the condition gets so bad that it's beyond repair. Thankfully this story has a happier ending.

Some of us refuse to share photos of our kids online -- not even on Facebook. And I understand why. But in this case, it's a good thing the mother did.

What do you think of this story? A Facebook diagnosis can help!


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Freela Freela

True that if you see white reflex in a photo, you should get it checked out.  It can also be a sign of a childhood cancer of the eye, retinoblastoma.  When my youngest about two, we had a couple of pictures come out that way and her doctor took it very seriously.  We were in to see a pediatric ophthalmologist within a couple of days for further testing.  Fortunately, it was a false alarm and she was perfectly healthy, but it's better safe than sorry.

Amanda Solares

I think this story is great. Awareness for ALL that know nothing about this rare disease. Facebook can sometimes be helpful. I'm glad the mother took the advice and took little Riley to the doctor right away. Hope she gets the treatment she needs, and that her coats eye remain stable with no further issues. My now 4 year old was diagnosed in 2012, I wish till this day I knew more about that glow I would see every time he took a picture. Thank God he is doing well after his surgery unfortunately for him he has no vision in his left eye. The earlier is picked up the better I'm very happy that for Riley it was picked up pretty early. Best of luck for this family!

Entre... EntrepeneurMom

I already knew about retinoblastoma being spotted in photos, I didn't know it was a sign of other diseases too. There's a poster in my drs office about this but there needs to be more awareness :)

worki... workingmama86

The same thing happened to my friend's son. When he was a baby, they would take pics of him, and he would have the glow in his eye, turned out it was cancer. He had his eye removed when he was just 7 months old. 

coron... coronado25

My daughter has a birth defect that caused her to be legally blind in one eye. However, in pictures, her affected eye reflects no light at all.

nonmember avatar skye

Retinoblastoma a very rare cancer does this too my 5 year old nephew is a survivor he lost his right eye at age 2 because of this. Retinoblastoma 2011!

nonmember avatar Michelle b

I am surprised of all the comments of people with eye problems, the father of my son has retinal occlusion he is blind of one eye and with the other eye he is almost blind. He is 47 our son is 1 year old.

proud... proudmommy690

Wow so scary. She's very smart for not blowing off her friends advice!

Adam Andrew

Its better to be safe so first have a medical checkup http://j.mp/1jbGxFP

nonmember avatar Sarah

Reminds me of the story where the guy posted a joke about taking a pregnancy test for fun and getting a positive result, only to find out it can be a sign of testicular cancer (which releases a similar hormone, apparently) and to find out he actually had it after going in to get it checked out.

It's crazy how the tiniest little thing can make all the difference in the end! You never think posting an adorable picture of your daughter could have such a life changing effect down the line but there you go.

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