Moms Who Struggle With Girls & Pink: This Is for You! (VIDEO)

childhood gender rolesDo you ever sit back and look at all our little girls in pink, and our little boys in blue, and wonder: How on Earth did we get here? Why will my daughter never, ever wear a color other than pink? (Oh no wait, she'll wear purple, too.) Who made these rules, anyway? Well, here's a video that gets you. Buzzfeed has lampooned our kids' gender color rules by flipping the scenario. Wouldn't it look CRAZY if we had the same gender rules for grown-ups? 


Okay, it's easy for people to blame parents for never letting little boys wear pink. But listen, it's not just us! I know plenty of parents who are trying to buck these silly rules about colors and toys -- but we get resistance from grandparents, other parents, even our own dang kids.

A lot of us dress our baby boys in pink for as long as we can get away with it. And we push every color in the rainbow besides pink and purple on our girls. We get it -- don't call girls "bossy." I bought my son a doll. Everyone tries to get girls to play with Legos. We're trying!

But it's not always easy. So I love this video -- I imagine parents everywhere will be forwarding it to grandparents and friends, posting it on Facebook, all just to say: It's a good thing we outgrow these silly rules. Because we do ... right?!?

How do you feel about the color rules mocked in this video?


Image via Buzzfeed

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