A Toddler's Room That Brilliantly Mixes New & Old

Mom Vicki described this room for little Leif as "a happy hodge-podge of new and old." The family moved from an ultra-modern condo into their current 100+-year-old cottage and met the challenge of merging modern tastes with their new surroundings. They've turned it into a comfortable space packed full of treasures both new and old. Click through to see a bit more below!

Do you covet the gorgeous tall ceilings and bay window as much as I do? The blue dresser was found in Leif's grandparent's attic and given a bit of a face lift with a new/old top and new knobs. I love that Dwell Studio rug (of course I do) and all the fun little gems tucked here and there.

I'm a sucker for tiny rockers, and I especially like the woven seat on this one. 

The British telephone booth door serves as one of the anchors of the room, adding to the Victorian aesthetic and situated next to one of the most inviting fireplace mantles I've ever seen. Inside? A completely harmless "fire" made of felt. What a fun idea! The IKEA rocker adds a little modern flair and manages to blend in rather than stand out.

Would you ever use a real branch in your nursery decor? I'm sure it's properly mounted and makes a pretty rad alternative to more traditional mobiles and nursery art.

This room has a delightfully historical vibe with so much character and the right amount of modern influence to keep things feeling fresh. It's also a great example of adapting personal tastes to new surroundings, which can be difficult to do, don't you think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts, so let's discuss in the comments below!

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the4m... the4mutts

This is the best kid's room that any of you bloggers have posted in a while! It's got just enough white to look fresh and clean, but not so much that it looks like breathing in the room with make it filthy.

I love the splashes of primary colors, and the hardwood floors!

the4m... the4mutts

I can't get over this. I love the trunk, the seating, the knick-knacks... it looks lived in.

Grown up enough not to make parents feel like they live in hurricane mattel, but fun enough for a kid to enjoy.

I am going to do my damndest to find some similar items for my kids.

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