Gwyneth Paltrow's Insane 'Working Mom' Comments Spark Hilarious Backlash

gwyneth paltrow
Nice mani.
Try as hard as you may to like Gwyneth Paltrow, but the woman seems to be on a mission to make you feel otherwise. During an interview with E! recently, Paltrow commented on how she feels that her job as a multimillion-dollar-earning actress is far more difficult than that of the average working mom's, who works out of an office each day.

A snippet of her interview:

It’s much harder for me. I feel like I set it up in a way that makes it difficult because ... for me, like if I miss a school run, they are like, ‘Where were you?’ I don’t like to be the lead so I don’t [have] to work every day, you know, I have little things that I like and obviously I want it to be good and challenging and interesting and be with good people and that kind of thing.

I think it’s different when you have an office job, because it’s routine and, you know, you can do all the stuff in the morning and then you come home in the evening. When you’re shooting a movie, they’re like, ‘We need you to go to Wisconsin for two weeks,’ and then you work 14 hours a day and that part of it is very difficult. I think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as, of course there are challenges, but it’s not like being on set.

People, needless to say, are aghast with Paltrow's woe-is-me-I-have-to-shoot-one-movie-a-year comments. (I meeeaaan ...) And there's been a pretty interesting, pretty hilarious backlash against them.

Mackenzie Dawson, over at the New York Post, delivered perhaps the greatest retort to Paltrow in the form of an open letter to the actress. A portion of it read:

Thank God I don’t make millions filming one movie per year" is what I say to myself pretty much every morning as I wait on a windy Metro-North platform, about to begin my 45-minute commute into the city. Whenever things get rough, all I have to do is keep reminding myself of that fact. It is my mantra.

After I get home from work, I’m full of energy and ready to cook dinner using one of the recipes you post on your lifestyle Web site, Goop: slow-cooked kale, pancetta and bread crumbs, anyone? After that, I’ll go to yoga, spend a few hours meditating and maybe do some online shopping, picking up a pair of $350 white leopard-printed short-shorts via Goop in preparation for the "spring break" I’ll take with my husband and son.

So, Gwyneth, you’ve figured out the secret of working parents everywhere: Livin’ la vida desk job is a breeze compared to the 14-hour days of a film set.

Snarky website The Blemish echoed Dawson's sentiments, but in a more direct way, saying:

Oh, yes. The struggle is very real for Gwyneth Paltrow. It’s not easy being both a mom and an actor who gets paid millions of dollars to play pretend in front of a camera. Not to mention the two week vacations where you have to, ugh, read lines off a script for 14 hours a day.

You office moms have it made. You get to pick up your kid in the morning, clock in, clock out and make dinner in the evening day in and day out never having to change your routine for 18 years. So lucky.

And, lastly, Devon Corneal, a lawyer, mother, and blogger for Huffington Post, had some choice words for Gwynnie in her brilliantly titled post, "Goop, She Did It Again":

Complaining about how hard she has it while romanticizing the lives of working parents with more traditional careers means Gwyneth is either remarkably self-absorbed or deliberately obtuse. There's something dismissive and condescending about her comments. Let me be very clear -- and frankly I can't believe I have to say this -- there is nothing "easy" about working a 9-5 job and raising a family. If you have the luxury of working only when you want to, if you can travel the world, have a staff, pay for private school, afford health care and ensure that your children want for nothing, please do not wonder aloud if it wouldn't be easier if you had a more ordinary life. Your life is privileged.

The feelings are pretty universal in regards to Gwyneth's latest comments: They're rude, close-minded, and completely out of touch with reality. I don't doubt for a second that Gwyneth faces parenting challenges of her own, but saying "traditional" working moms have it so much easier than her? Come on. This backlash is more than well-deserved.

What do you think of Gwyneth's comments?


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gwyneth paltrow


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nonmember avatar Kelly

She's a tool

Jacee... Jacee2348

A self-absorbed, out-of-touch tool. There's a very valid reason why most people don't like her and it has nothing to do with jealousy.

AliPa... AliParker

I can see what she is trying to say. A mom that gets to come home every night an wake up in her own bed has it a bit easier than ones that need to travel for weeks at a time. But the way she said it was stupid. And I get the other point of view as well. She does not make a lot of movies and makes a lot of money with the one or two that she does make and most importantly her "job" is a choice. Most working moms need that income.

But as for the person responding in her blog. It's annoying to hear everyone think their situation is so much worse than others. Everyone has a commute. Some take buses, some have to walk, some have to drive, some it's 10 minutes, some people actually drive two hours. Everyone has a complaint and to them it's the worst because it's theirs!

nonmember avatar Amazed

she's just plain delusional. yeah we working moms full time plus, getting up at 5 am and rarely to bed before 11 pm or midnight have it easy breezy. what i wouldn't give to have to work a few 14 hour days or weeks a year and be married to a guy who is as filthy rich as i am. life is tough for poor gwynnie. i really feel for her. actually, i feel for her kids and i pray to god that her husband is able to instill some graciousness & work ethic in them because i am pretty sure that she's not doing it.

Einyn Einyn

Amazed- she's getting divorced. So she won't have that husband much longer.

nonmember avatar Cortney

I would give anything to have to make one movie a year, get paid millions for it and call it a day. As a Marine, single mother of two boys I have an office job when not deployed and worked 15 hour days 7 days a week when I am deployed. I do t get to wake my kids up, tuck them in at night or even speak to them on a daily basis when deployed. And all for a salary barely enough to keep food on the table. When not deployed, we PT ( physical training) at 5 am and my boys had to go to daycare at 4:15 am for me to get there on time. So, if it's too much for her to make one movie, earn millions and spoil her kids rotten...I will trade her anyway. But I doubt she would ever make it as a Marine or even eat the food the serve us.

nonmember avatar PoorMe!

Awwww! Poor office moms! You sit behind a desk in air conditioning for 8 hours a day, and then have to toil away behind a stove? Meanwhile some of us are busting our asses on a factory floor operating machinary in 110+ degrees getting covered in oil (or god knows whatelse) actually doing manuel labor that leaves you bone tired. Then after 12 hours we get to come home to cooking, cleaning, and child wrangling.

So basically, get over yourselves. Everyone has to work, and has a right to bitch about work. Even moviestars. Someone will ALWAYS have it worse then you.

Miche... Michelephant

For anyone who has never worked on a set or never had anyone close to you work on a set you have no idea the kinds of schedules actors and crew works. They work usually 12 to 16 hour days, travel constantly and for an actress it's not just the shooting. It's prep time for the role, promotional work all stuff that could keep her away from her children for anywhere from 3 to 8 months depending on the project.

All she said was that traditional jobs allow mothers to actually have a somewhat scheduled and stable life. Also she was deliberately asked about this. She didn't just decide to blow up her twitter with insulting comments.

2baby... 2babymomma

I think she is a stupid bitch and I have never liked her

Mrscj... Mrscjones

And yet people wondered why she's getting a divorce. A humble person can only take the attitude of a narcissist for so long.

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