7 Things a Mom of an Eczema Sufferer Never Wants to Hear

mom and babyEver gotten some really crazy, unsolicited advice about how to care for your child's eczema? People say a lot of dumb things when they are actually trying to be helpful. As the old saying goes, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions." Well, so is the road to a mom hating you. Check out the 7 things you should NEVER say to a mom of a kid with eczema.

1. Is that contagious?

Nope, it's an immune disorder, it's not a virus. You can’t catch it from touching it no more than you can catch being ugly. Up to 80 percent of your immune system is in your digestive tract, so healing the gut is one of the most powerful ways to help reverse eczema.

2. Have you taken him to the doctor?

Duh! Do you want to get punched in the throat? Of course “the Mom” took the kid to the doctor.

3. Put some CRISCO on that baby!

CRISCO definitely won’t work. Dry skin is just a symptom. True healing starts from addressing the real cause of the problem. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and anything you put on it gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. Believe it or not, the best way to moisturize your skin is from the within! A diet with plenty of omega-3 fats and water can do just that.

4. Wash that baby in bleach!

No, you wash your baby in bleach and let me know how that works out for you. I’ve heard of some crazy crap disguised as “home remedies,” but this one is downright dangerous. Bleach will hurt your baby’s skin. It will not help his eczema at all. Don’t do it. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever!

5. Rub some mayonnaise/raw eggs/coconut oil on it!

Nope you’re not making a salad, you’re trying to help a kid get some relief from his eczema. This seems about as effective as the old saying, “Rub some dirt on it.” That doesn’t work to take away any pain or heal anything and neither do mayonnaise or raw eggs. You’ll just end up pissing your kid off and smelling like food and still itching. Talk about adding insult to injury.

6. Put some steroids on that kid, STAT!

I do use topical steroids for my bad eczema flareups, but it is not a recommended everyday treatment. Long-term use of steroids can suppress the symptoms while aggravating and complicating the problem underneath the surface.

7. Isn’t he supposed to grow out of this?

Most kids don’t grow out of infant eczema, but it changes and becomes less severe. There is no cure, but it can be treated and handled, and believe me, no one has looked into this scenario of growing out of it more than the mother of a child who suffers from eczema.

What’s the dumbest thing anyone’s ever said to you about your child's health?

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JS0512 JS0512

My daughter is three and has had eczema since she was born.  When her flare ups get really bad, we do give her bleach baths (per our pediatric dermotologist).  Direct from the Mayo Clinic's site: "A bacterial infection often accompanies eczema, worsening symptoms. An eczema bleach bath is thought to kill the bacteria on the skin, reducing itching, redness and scaling."  She doesn't get these baths often, but when she does it makes a big difference.

stace... stacey541

Oddly enough, the only thing that has helped my daughter, is swimming. She has had it since 4 months old, and nothing cleared it up all the way. She has been in twice a week swim lessons since January and after a few weeks her skin looks great. I am guessing the chlorine helps...

nonmember avatar FarmersWife

This should be more how to talk vs don't talk or I'll be offended. Asking if you've taken the child to the dr is valid, if it's not bad maybe mom thinks it's just dry skin. And saying "I wonder if a lightly chlorinated bath could soothe any secondary infection" is kinder than "bathe that baby in bleach!" Moms need to give each other advice. Kindly, and expecting mom to gain some knowledge to make the best choices. It's how we learn. And there's nothing wrong with wanting to share experiences or ideas in a kind and well meaning way to better the life of another parent or child.

nonmember avatar Tami

I get your sensitivity, but in your rant don't be ignorant and steer other parents away from something that is beneficial. Bleach baths are not "crazy crap" nor are they "dangerous". You make it seem like you've been asked to submerse your kid in a tub of pure bleach, when anyone who has dealt with eczema knows it's a very diluted mixture. Do you also not allow your kid to swim in a pool? Anyway, pediatric dermatologists at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital recommend bleach baths for eczema sufferers.

Bruic... Bruickson

Bleach baths can help with a lot of different skin conditions or infections. Our doctor recommended trying it when my daughter had a staph infection and it cleared right up. It's not like you are using a ton of bleach. It's very diluted.

Lance... LancesMom

My son had asthma, which seemed to get worse with cold air. So when it got too cold outside he'd come in with a terrible terrible cough. I had so many people tell me if he can go to school he can go outside for recess. ugh! 


nonmember avatar momof2

My baby has absolutely horrible eczema! I use coconut oil at times because it has antibacterial properties that can prevent some flare ups. I've also done the bleach baths when she was practically covered from head to toe in it last summer. I did find this lotion called borage therapy by a company called shikai. It's just about cleared up all of my daughters eczema AND my husband's (sadly his is just as bad as hers so I don't hold out hope of her outgrowing it) but anyways it works better than even the steroid cream I was given.

funha... funhappymom

I don't remember hearing any stupid comments but if I did receive them, I ignored them.

wamom223 wamom223

I think the biggest thing everyone needs to understand about eczema is that the same treatment doesn't work for everyone.  I think its okay to throw out ideas just as long as you aren't an ass about it.  

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