Stranger's Random Act of Kindness for Exhausted Mom Goes Viral (PHOTO)

Tara JeanI think every mom has been there. You were up all night with the baby and you're dead on your feet. You see a bench and all you want to do is just lie down and take a nap. In public. Well, one mom did just that ... right in the middle of a Fun 4 Kidz play center (think Chuck E. Cheese's without the giant rat). Her story has just gone viral on Facebook ... but moms, it's not what you think!

See, you're probably guessing that picture shaming this mom is all over the Internet, right? That's how moms do things these days. They judge first, ask questions later.

Well, unless you're radio DJ Tara Jean Stevens. She spotted that mom napping on the playland bench, and what she did is pretty darn inspiring.

Stevens shared the following on the Kiah and Tara Jean Facebook page, and it's quickly spread across the social media site:


Oh. Em. Gee.

A mother who didn't call CPS immediately? Didn't call the cops? Showed, gasp, a little ... compassion?

Let's all give a nice round of applause for Tara Jean!


OK, now here's what I need you all to do. Go out and be Tara Jean for a day or maybe even a week?

Try digging a Kleenex out of your purse for the mom with the kid who won't stop sniffling and hand it to her kindly instead of whispering to your husband that that woman just can't seem to wipe her kids' damn noses.

Try grabbing the kid running pell mell out of the grocery store and walking him calmly back to the mom who is trying desperately to get the infant out of the carrier and screaming to little Jack to get his butt back here.

Try being part of that global village everyone is always talking about but so unwilling to do their part to be a member of.

The fact is, sometimes motherhood is overwhelming and exhausting and all you want to do is take a nap. This doesn't just happen to drug addicted losers or moms who tied one on the night before. It happens to normal, everyday moms who are trying their best but just so happen to have a teething toddler who was up every hour on the hour the night before.

So how about looking at that mom passed out on the bench at the playland next time and thinking, "There but for the grace of God go I," instead of "Ooh, better take a picture and shame her on Facebook." One day that really could be you dozing off while your kids are playing ... and something tells me you want a Tara Jean on your side.

But first you've got to be a Tara Jean to someone else. As they say, what goes around comes around. Don't you want what's coming around to you to be a little compassion and kindness?

Have you had a Tara Jean moment? Share it!


Image via Facebook

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nonmember avatar Parker345

What did she do?

Christina Turconi Poloisky

That is amazing! I wish moms would support each other more and judge less. We are all in this together! We might have different approaches to parenting, but the simple fact is we are all the same mission, raise our children to be healthy and productive adults.


Jacee... Jacee2348

This story had a great ending, thankfully.  It's awesome that this person was there to step in for the tired mom, but what if she hadn't been?  What if some stranger had been lurking just waiting for that precise moment to snatch a child?  I shudder to think what could've happened BUT I'm glad all ended well.  No mom is perfect, but falling asleep and leaving your child unattended in a public place is cause for concern.  Whether it be that the mom was really just exhausted or there is a medical condition going on - hopefully she doesn't take her young child in a public place again when so exhausted.  I'm NOT judging, just saying it would be wise........

jkp-buff jkp-buff

Jacee -

1. The chance of someone intending to be there to snatch a child at the exact right second, the odds are more likely that she would win the lottery a dozen times first. The risk of child abduction is actually factually lower than when I was a kid, which was lower than when my mom was a kid, which was lower than when my grandma was a kid. Because the media coverage for each child abduction that ever happens in the entire world is so much greater than the past, our society falsely believes the risk is greater than it truly is. Your child's risk of dying in a car accident is the greatest risk there is to your child, and yet people don't stop driving.

2. Most of those child play centers are setup with security at the only entrance/exit, and armbands to match up the child to whomever brought them, so that no one can leave with a different child. They're set up this way because it's often impossible to directly supervise your child, even if you wanted to. There are massive tubes and ball pits to climb through, so the child is often out of sight.

3. The story didn't say how old the child was. It's possible the child was old enough to wake the mom if she truly needed something, but because the stranger offered to help, she chose to let her mom nap too.

4. The mom may not have intended to nap, she may have been exhausted. I think it's great that someone was kind to her instead of judging and shaming her.


Parker345:  When you click the hyperlink word "Post" it takes you to FB and you are able to read the sweet note to the tired mom by Tara Jean (the young lady in the picture).  But, in a nutshell, she watched over the sleeping mom's child by giving her water and a hug when she bumped her head playing.  And she stayed watching her daughter until the mother woke up.  She was pretty much giving the mom a much needed break.

the4m... the4mutts

As long as they could tell the mom just kind of passed out from being flat out exhausted, then good for them! But I would hate to think that this was a case of an addict passing out, and nobody doing anything other than watching over the kid for an hour...

Also, what if some creep had taken the kid to the bathroom and molested her?

Idk, I GET the exhausted parent thing, I really do. But if you're that tired, you should probably not be taking your kid out in public. You should probably plop them in front of a movie at home, and doze on the couch.

Jacee... Jacee2348

jkp-buff - Exactly what the4mutts said.  Not only can your child be abducted (predators do tend to stalk places where children are), someone could have easily pulled that child into the bathroom and molested her.  Sure she would've survived if kidnapping wasn't an ultimate goal, but do you really want to take that risk with your child?  Just STAY THE HELL HOME if you're that damn exhausted to the point where you can't even be aware that your child has hurt herself while playing at the Fun Play place.  Geez....  Common sense here.  You can't always guarantee that there will be a kind person around to make sure your child is safe; that is YOUR job as the parent.  This particular instance just happened to work out really well and have a feel good ending.  To me, it's a nice story of caring, but I'm still concerned that a mother is so tired that she can't take care of her child - in public - sorry but that concern far overrides the warm fuzzies of what the kind stranger did for this parent. 

Leah Smith

I have to agree with Jacee. Im not judging her as a bad person, she probably had no intention of falling asleep (unless she straight up laid down on her back on the bench instead of sitting up, thats just asking for it) and it was an accident. However I would be horrified at myself if I were to doze off in public with my child for 15min, let alone an hour. What the girl did helping out was cool, but I hope the Mom learned something from this. If you are this tired and capapble of sleeping soundly for an hour in public, please stay home. Something awful could have happen to her daughter because of her not watching. I know its unlikely, and didnt happen, but the reason these things are unlikely is because Moms like us are always watching. She falls alseep for 15 min and you watch her kid cool, but as soon she she needed her Mom, which she did, I would take her to her and promptly wake her up. 

nonmember avatar B. White

Had a situation close to this a bunch of years ago. Was driving home late at night, saw a house on fire just off the main artery road, and a toddler on the sidewalk wandering away from the house, towards the artery. I stopped and parked, took the little girl by the hand and led her back towards the mom and dad, who were frantic, trying to deal with the firepeople and their burning house. Because they were clearly stressed, I told them where I had found their little girl and asked if they wanted me to stay with her until they got things straightened out. The mom teared up, and nodded, so the little girl and I sang songs and played quiet games in the grass until things calmed down a couple hours later.
Parents seemed insanely grateful, but I would hope anyone would do the same, seeing that little one wandering in that situation.

Wendy Hawk Roxborough

Grocery shopping with young kids is definitely a race through the store,but no matter how fast you shop when you get to the till you have to wait. 2 little boys in a cart together (twins I think) were doing the most hysterical scary laughs at each other. The mom was trying to get them to quiet down, when nearly every one in the line encouraged her to just let them be and relax! They were soooo funny, that all the other shoppers were also laughing by the time the mom finally got through the till. Moral of the story: as long as they aren't crying let them be.

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