Little Girl Mortified as Parents Lip-Sync to 'Frozen' Soundtrack (VIDEO)

Frozen couple

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've not only seen the movie Frozen -- you've also tried every trick in the book to get the damn soundtrack out of your head.

But some of us are definitely a little more fond of the tunes from the flick than others -- like this couple lip-syncing to "Love Is an Open Door" in the car while their little girl listens in the back seat.

After watching this video, I think you'll agree that a.) these people have way too much time on their hands, and b.) they should probably think about quitting their jobs and applying with the Disney Cruise Line. Stat. (They'd get hired on the spot. I'm sure of it.)



I know. They're so perfectly in sync, you're not sure whether they're annoying as hell or freakin' awesome. (It's a toss-up.)

But the best part of this whole video isn't the parents and their mad acting skills. Nope. It's the kid in the back -- who isn't exactly fond of her mom and dad's little performance.

If I had to guess, here's what I'd say was probably going through her head while they were getting their Frozen on.

"Oh no. They're doing it again. My parents are SO embarrassing. Dear baby Jesus ... please make it stop ..."

Frozen couple

"Maybe if I stare at the ceiling, it will be easier to ignore them."

Frozen couple

"AHHHHH!! I can't TAKE it anymore!!! Gotta hide!!!"

Frozen couple

"Ok. They win. I surrender. I'll just bite down on this book to keep from screaming."

Frozen couple

"I don't know whether to yawn or WAHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Frozen couple

 "There's gotta be a way out of here. I know it."

Frozen couple

"Ugh. If I only I was old enough to have a little vodka in this thing ..."

Frozen couple

Do you find this couple amusing?


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