Carrying Toddlers -- How Much Is Too Much?

grandpa holding toddler

Photo by laura7485

How often does your 18 month old to preschool-aged child ask you to physically pick her up -- to walk into the store, to go up the stairs, to plop them into the car seat or booster chair? Do you oblige or make her walk or position herself?

My 4 year old still likes to be carried upstairs to bed each night, and down the stairs each morning after she wakes up. But I'll admit, it's really killing my back lately. It's sad to think of the day that I'll no longer be able to wrap my little baby in my arms and scuttle her away, but I don't want to end up in the hospital, either. Plus, there's the whole independence thing to think about.

Pregnant moms of toddlers have a whole other issue here, for sure.

Do you think toddlers should be carried, and how much or how often? What age do you think is too old to be carried?

And, moms of older kids, at what age do your children stop asking to be picked up?


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