2-Year-Old Suspended From Daycare for Bringing Cheese Sandwich to School

allergyChildren's food allergies are no joke. As the parent of a child who is allergic to nuts, I appreciate the fact my son's school is nut-free. I think it's wonderful that classrooms across the country take the health threat seriously. However, even I have to admit that some schools take things too far. Case in point: a daycare in Ottawa suspended a 2-year-old for three days because she was in possession of a cheese sandwich. The situation is even more ridiculous once you learn the details.

Like most parents, Randy Murray is desperate to get food into his kids' tummies every morning. When 2-year-old Faith didn't finish the cheese sandwich she was eating for breakfast, he allowed her to continue to munch on it on the way to school. At some point, the little girl shoved it into her pocket, and in the rush of things, dad forgot all about it. 

A problem arose when a teacher spotted the culinary contraband as they entered the school. She promptly handed it back to Murray, and he was told his little girl would be suspended for three days as a result. He thought it was a joke at first, but administrators weren't kidding. The school has a strict "no outside food" policy, and even though this was an honest mistake, they are not budging on the penalty.

Murray understands that the policy is in place to protect kids with allergies, which he can appreciate, but wishes they had handled the situation differently. He says a warning that she would be suspended if this happened again would have been more appropriate. I have to say, I agree with him. For one thing, it was clearly accidental. For another, the child is 2 and made a mistake that is completely age-appropriate.

Now if it were a high-schooler, then maybe more serious action should be taken. And what purpose does the suspension serve? It only seems to harm the little girl, who doesn’t even really understand what she did wrong. Major FAIL on the part of this school.

Do you think the school acted too harshly or did this family get what it deserved?


Image via CBC News

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Frost... FrostyMelted

People running this school are so nuts I'm surprised the kids with such a food allergy haven't taken ill. 

Jacee... Jacee2348

Seems harsh, but on the flip side, if a child in her class had gotten hold of the sandwich and was allergic to cheese, this daycare would've had a huge price to pay for the cheese sandwich being made available to the allergic child (even though it was through no fault of the daycare).  Two sides of a coin... 

happymia happymia

Jacee- i would agree with you if the little girl made it into the classroom with the sandwich. However, the discovered the sandwich before she made it back there. All that needed to be done, was to throw it out, remind dad to be more careful, and go on with their day. More than likely this school will still charge dad for the days she's suspended, which come on, howdoyou suspend a two year old?

youth... youthfulsoul

Common sense is severely lacking these days.

Rando... Randomlady

this is a daycare so that means one of the parents of this child is going to have to take 3 days off of work because of a partially eaten cheese sandwhich? are they going to be reimbursed the money they paid for the daycare for said incident? you dont pay upwards of $300 a month for daycare to be told a cheese sandwhich can get your kid kicked out. I would have blown up if they had done this at my stepsons daycare, they had a similar policy but they knew babies don't understand the consequences of bringing outside food in.

nonmember avatar Kale

I actually live in Ottawa so I know a bit more of the story thanks to media attention. Apparently ther is a sign posted outside the daycare, however it's only in French. Granted, this is a French daycare, but Canada is a bilingual country and the dad doesn't really understand French. But like a lot of parents put their kids in a French daycare to expose them to the second language. Secondly, I pay between $1,000-$1,200 (depending on number of days in month) a month for child care in Ottawa for 1 kid who is 2. It's fairly standard for daycare centres to charge between $40-$55 a day. Outrageous? Yes. But that's the market in this city. Even a home daycare is about $40 a day.....all that to say post your signs in both languages and give the kid a break.

elk571 elk571

My son is one of the few w/ a true milk allergy. He is also allergic to a protein in wheat so he might've been allergic to the bread too...but even I think this is ridiculous! Most schools don't have an allergy policy that even includes a milk ban much less a 'bread' ban. Remind them of the policy write down the incident so it's documented that it happened but didn't actually break the rule bc the good didn't even break the barrier and move on!!

nonmember avatar Ms MorWeb

Although they say they're suspending the child they're really suspending, and punishing the parents. Definitely overkill - basically making an example out of them...hawkeye your children for items we don't allow or you'll pay with having to take 3 days off from work to care for your child! Pure asinine that adults cannot speak with each other in a respectful manner & resolve such issues without penalty to anyone. Entirely pathetic the degree to which our society has devolved.

nonmember avatar Cyndi Meyers

i think if you have a child that has a "life threatening" allergy, you need to find an at home day care for your child. i also think that child needs to be home schooled. why should hundreds of children have to suffer because of one or two?

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