Quiz: What's Your Parenting Style?

mom If there's one thing the world really excels at, it's labeling parents. Moms in particular. It seems like everyone loves to judge and immediately slap a label on a person's parenting style. (And it's, need I say, pretty obnoxious.) Strict and run a tight ship? OMG, you're totally a Tiger Mom! Roar! Trust your kid walk to his friend's house alone? You're a Free Range Parent! Immediately pop up and rush over if your kid scrapes his knee at the playground? You're a Helicopter Parent!

Ever wonder where you fall on the parenting label spectrum? Or where people think you fall (i.e., how they label you)?

Below is a handy-dandy little quiz to tell you which kind of parent you are. Take it if you dare to come face to face with the truth ...

(Note: This is for entertainment purposes!)

1. You're at the playground with your child when he falls and starts crying. You:

  • A -- Ask your kid what the hell they're doing at the park when there's studying to be done.
  • B -- Go over and make sure he's okay and give him a kiss to make it better.
  • C -- Call 911.
  • D -- Do nothing at all.
  • E -- Laugh and go back to texting.


2. Your child comes home and tells you that someone was making fun of them. You:

  • A -- Ask your child if the bullying interfered with any studying.
  • B -- Make him some chocolate chip cookies, give him a hug, and ask him if he wants to talk about it.
  • C -- Move so your child can change schools.
  • D -- Tell them it's fine and not to worry about it. They can handle it.
  • E -- Roll your eyes and ask if their whining is going to cut into The Bachelor.


3. Your child learns something new -- to tie their shoelaces; the alphabet. You:

  • A -- Blink at them, unimpressed.
  • B -- Exclaim, "Great job!" and tell them how proud you are of them.
  • C -- Were hovering over them the entire time to ensure they didn't get hurt/were doing it properly.
  • D -- Tell them it's cool ... over the phone. You're in Barbados when this happened, and he's home alone.
  • E -- Sarcastically say, "Wow, awesome, dude. I did that 100 years ago," and go back to smoking.


4. Your toddler starts throwing a temper tantrum because she wants a piece of candy. You:

  • A -- Take the piece of candy and slowly put it in your own mouth in front of them.
  • B -- Tell them candy isn't safe for kids their age and let them know they can have a cookie after lunch.
  • C -- Dive over the piece of candy and quickly hand feed them an organic apple.
  • D -- Say, "Sure, whatevs."
  • E -- Give them two pieces ... you just don't want the whining to interrupt your stories.


Wanna know what kind of mom you are? Click through for the answers!

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the4m... the4mutts

Mostly Bs for me!

That's about how I define myself as well. Im just a mom, who does what she thinks is best, for whatever circumstance comes up

Rjech N MC

None of the answers fit me, I got 2 D's & 2 B's. So guess a mix of both.

Pam.N.42 Pam.N.42

Got a mix of B and Ds as well. That makes sense. I am mostly a go with the flow type of parent

Choco... Chocodoxies

What the hell is a "Mom Mom"? Are the other mother's less of mother's because they only got one "mom" in the title? I got "Mom Mom" and it seems ridiculous. 

amazz... amazzonia

mom mom/free range

nonmember avatar tonia

I got 2 B and 2 E....I wouldn't say slacker but with six kids I tend to just worry less and go with the flow.....

mommy... mommymendenhall

I got 2 Bs and the other two neither of the answers fit whatI would have done in those circumstances. So I guess mom mom it is. It does fit how I parent my children.

Blues... Blueshark77

I'm a mom mom all the way, which seems about right.


nonmember avatar sln

i got b's & d's but the things i had to choose from didnt exctly match me, throw a fit over candy and you simply dont get a piece, they fall at the park just depends on how hard they fall, someone is picking on them they go to a higher authority first, nothing done thanks goodness i tought them how to take care of theirselves!

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