Toddler Survives Terrifying Escalator Accident That Could Happen to Any Kid

I’ve always been nervous with my kids around escalators. I’ll check to make sure their shoes are tied before we get on one, and if they mess around near the edges they get a firm reprimand from Mean Mommy. So far, so good -- they’ve never gotten trapped in one.

Another mom in Kansas hasn’t been so lucky. Alma Antunes watched helplessly as her 4-year-old son Brandon got his head stuck in an escalator at a Dillard’s in Wichita. Thankfully, he’s ok, but I can only imagine the terror she felt as she realized her little boy was stuck in a moving staircase.


On Monday afternoon, Alma was shopping when her son began to play near the bottom of an escalator. The kiddo somehow managed to wiggle his noggin to the small gap between the handrail and the adjacent wall.

“It caught his head, it just twisted him around because the space is so small, his whole body wouldn’t fit through,” Antunez said. “It just literally pulled his head and smashed it against the wall.”

She said she felt “helpless” as Brandon cried out in surprise and pain as the moving handrail threatened to break his little neck. “I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “Seeing him in there screaming, it was terrible.”

Thankfully, employees were able to quickly shut down the escalator before any lasting damage could be done. Brandon was treated at a local hospital for cuts and scrapes to his face.

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Brandon reports that he has no desire to ride another escalator in the near future, and I don’t blame the darling.

Call me paranoid, but this makes me want to be extra vigilant when it comes to my kids and escalators. Especially with girls and long hair. No sitting on the escalator, children. And my kids like to do this thing where they don’t want to step off at the end, but rather let the stairs push them off as they go under the ledge to make the return trip to the bottom. No more of that nonsense!

Kids get hurt on everyday things all the time, and it’s our job as parents to teach them to act appropriately so they don’t hurt themselves. They are curious beasts, and all it takes is seconds for them to wander off and unwittingly put themselves in harm’s way.

Are you wary of escalators when it comes to your kids?


Image via Frederic Bisson/Flickr

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