Toddler Just Can't Handle Listening to Her Parents' Wedding Song (VIDEO)​

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Get ready for a dose of cute, because you’re about to get it. This little girl listening to her parents' wedding song is so adorable, so preciously and perfectly overcome with emotion, that you may just tear up yourself.

Her gigantic tears and quivery little lip make you want to squish that face and cover her in kisses and then buy her a pet pony just to see her smile. She is that undone in this super sweet video.

Forget the pony. I will buy this child a magical unicorn that poops skittles, because holy crap she's so cute I bet she could will a unicorn into existence!

Can you even deal with how adorable she is? I die.

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Meanwhile, I’m going to completely worry that my own children are emotionless robots that think slow songs are boring and just enjoy other people’s kids appreciating a heart-wrenching ballad.

Do your kids get emotionally overcome by music?


Image via dianasedg1/YouTube

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Robin Hartman

oh my gosh, that was adorable. i could cry watching it. 

Dorie Reddell O'Shea

My kids to this day ( they are 11 and 8 ) and still cry and get upset when a sad sounding song comes on the radio!  


She had my bottom lip quivering...especially when she looked dead into the camera...she has a sensitive soul.

00NoW... 00NoWay00

Hehe.  My husband is a musician and there are a couple of songs he sings that make me leave the room (since it is in public and I don't want to be a blubbery mess).  That little girl is a doll.  :)

kysma... kysmama08

Oh my goodness, she made my eyes water. My husband is a musician and he has wrote some beautiful songs for both me and our children and they still get to me every time!

Jackie Klump

My youngest daughter used to cry when ever she heard Hush Little Baby

Alleah Marie Poirier

Mt girls both have a thing for john legend's all of me.  It just destroys them!  So cute to see that kind of soul!

Sandy Castor

She is so adorable!!!!! I cry at the drop of a hat when I hear certain songs. In fact the commercial for 'OMEGA" watrches makes me kidding. I will probably CRY AT MY OWN FUNERAL. HAHA

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