Toddlers in Their Big Kid Beds!

toddlers sleeping

Photo by MommaBunch84

There are few things more wonderful to look at than a sleeping toddler -- and not just because it's finally quiet and mom can rest, but because they are just so darn cute!

Just look at MommaBunch84's twin sons, Conor and Mason, at left, all cozied up in each others' territory. They actually have two toddler beds pushed together into one big sleeping area.

MommaBunch84 had the fun idea of inviting moms in Stay At Home Moms (a private group) to post photos of their tots slumbering in big kid beds, and several dozen hung their pics on the page. On a side note, despite the bad economy, it seems like Lightning McQueen and Princess sheet sets are selling pretty good these days.


sleeping toddler

Photo by TariMeccico

Here is another of my favorites: TariMeccico's daughter, Raquel, dreaming about the day her daddy comes home -- she's clutching his picture in her hand. Her daddy was deployed to Iraq for 7 months and recently returned at Halloween. TariMeccico eventually had to laminate the worn photo for daddy's girl.

There's also some great shots in the SAHM post of toddlers sleeping half-on, half-off the bed, and a few others with the butt-in-the-air pose.

I honestly never thought of taking pictures of my kids sleeping, but I'm definitely going to pull out the camera tonight. These are real keepers.

What sorts of interesting sleep positions have you caught your children in? I'd love to get the links to the photos, if you have them, or you can simply describe them below.

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